July 6, 2011

This will probably

Piss some of my dear internets off, but I still have to say it (love me anyways)

First let me say that I do believe we all get what’s coming to us.

I want to talk about the verdict of the Anthony case in Florida. I truly don’t know if the mother killed her little girl or not (God knows). I do know that no matter what the BIASED Media or Law Officials may present as rumor, alleged, suspected, best guessed, leaked – whatever, is NOT reason enough to convict ANYONE of ANY crime. In America we ARE Assumed INNOCENT until PROVEN Guilty in a Court of Law (NOT by the Media/Public Opinion/Mob). Without adequate physical evidence a Jury is VERY MUCH justified in making a decision based on REASONABLE DOUBT and delivering an acquittal.

The morals and values of ANY defendant are not what are on trail, it is the crime that was perpetrated and the question of whether the defendant is guilty of having committed that crime.

A person's behavior before or after a crime are not reason enough to convict them. Not everyone is the same mentally; we all have a capacity for different things at different levels. We all grieve in different ways, some people never grieve and therefore don’t get past the death or shock of a situation.

All you have to do is watch any cop show to see that SOMETIMES they get so focused on a certain person they cannot see past the nose on their face. I would point out the Jon Benet case where they had, footprints, fingerprints and DNA of two strangers and yet the finger was always and only pointed at the parents. I caution EACH AND EVERY ONE of you to always seek legal counsel (an attorney) before answering ANY questions by law officials; it may just save your own a$$.

IF the mother did it, then yes she got away with murder, IF she did not then human justice will not be finished until the actual murderer is caught, tried, convicted and sentenced OR they are dead and met our maker, God.

IF the mother actually did it, I can assure you it is not the first time someone got away with murder, nor will it, sadly, be the last. But know this - there are thousands of innocent people in prisons and those that have already received death because of a crime they DID NOT commit.

I am sorry the little girl was killed, just as I am sorry for the millions of other people that have been murdered and their deaths go unsolved.

Please join me as I pray for peace for the ALL the families of this and other crimes.

WE ALL GET WHAT IS COMING TO US if not in this life then in the next


Brian Miller said...

true that...sometimes that is the best we can hope for...

Daisy said...

I did not follow this case. I have ignored all media reports of it. In fact, I rarely watch the news anymore. So I really have no opinion either way as to whether or not she is guilty.

Peace for all sounds like a wonderful prayer to me.

Jeni said...

Your post today is not one that angers me -not in the least -but rather is a breath of fresh air amidst the many who are clamoring for what they believe to be justice and which really wouldn't be that! There was so much flack tossed about during the duration of this case, from start to, dare I say, finish now that one really has to commend the jury for doing what they were supposed to do, if they felt the evidence given them was inconclusive as to guilt or innocence and thus, they found her "not guilty." I do have difficulty in their decision to find her "not guilty" though of the charges of child abuse simply because of the lies she told the police about the child, not reporting her missing for a month, and such. That, to my mind, does constitute child abuse since it hindered finding little Kaylee. But,as it stands now, only the person who actually did hide the body, or who did kill little Kaylee, knows the answer there and whoever that person is will eventually pay for that crime -perhaps not in this life but in the hereafter. Suppose they had found her guilty and given the death sentence to her and suppose that were carried out and then, later it came to light that someone else had actually committed the crime. What would have been gained then? Just another life lost for the sake of revenge and revenge is not justice, is it?
Thanks for posting your thoughts on this and clarifying a lot, perhaps for others who don't believe that this actually was the way our judicial system is supposed to work.

80s Queen said...

One just has to believe in karma. If she is guilty then she will get hers one day and if she didn't then thank goodness an innocent person doesn't go to jail. Being on that jury must have been super hard.

Tim said...

I did not follow the case. But I do believe in the teaching of judge not that ye be not judge however difficult that is to practice.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I've noticed many folks around me have decided the Mother IS guilty n should've been hung- even without proper proof.

Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I just choose not to judge. That is the Creator's job.

Nice artwork pic!

LauraX said...

Deanna Schrayer said...

Well, I'm late, (again), but I was late in learning about the case too, so I guess that's just appropriate.

I give you a standing ovation Paige. How would we feel if we were in her shoes? I haven't heard Anyone discuss the situation in that way. You are right on the money here, and I thank you for speaking out about it.

One thing I still don't understand is what has made this case so much more "important" than the hundreds of others in this country just as bad, if not worse. Nothing more than the media, that's the only thing that has made this one seem so "important".
For the record, I do believe she is guilty of child neglect, if not actual abuse, but she wasn't tried for that, was she?....

Dapoppins said...

I don't know what I think. I didn't even see any of the trial...i I know are 30sec blips of media.

And I still love you.

I mean, who couldn't love you!