July 2, 2011

Fancy - Smanchy

Surprise! I am Stylish. Really? No it must be true, surely, because Cathy C.’s Hall of Fame says so. What ya don’t believe me? I’ll prove it…

See I told ya so. Lalala

Thank you dear Cathy, I am tickled to receive this. It’s purdy and shinny looking. And as with all most some (when I feel like it) awards there are rules. AND because Cathy made it sound like fun’age I’m game to play by the rules.

First thank & link to the blogger who bestowed the loveliness upon you Check & Done
Second Pass it on to 1 or 2 deserving bloggers Check & Done (see below)
Third Congratulate said deserving bloggers Check & Done (I hope)
Fourth Share 7 things about myself. Okay so here is where I’m gonna deviate a little’ish (Cathy thinks they should be “true”) and all I can say my dear internets is that it’s up to y’all to believe them as true or not. {insert crazy laughter of your choice here} BTW some may seem like CopyCat things, but hey lots of us share in similar life experiences. Check & Done  sooooo Get ready…Cause here we go…

1.  I freeze up when it comes to typing things about myself, however my family says I never shut up about how fabulous my dear internets are. (& everyone says aw)
2.  I avert my eyes, or close them, when nearing a “sleeping” animal on the road, a not so good idea in heavy traffic OH and I try my best, absolute best not to roll over said sleeping critters. El Yucko!
3.  I do NOT drive over high overpasses / bridges, I have actually pulled to the side of the road and made someone else drive (whether they knew how to drive or not)
4.  I once knocked down someone’s mail box while driving a friends truck without a license and as luck would have it I got away with it But the mail box, as it turned out, belonged to a future boss. I know too funny--right?
5.  I refuse to eat asparagus or spare-guts as I call ‘em, but unlike Cathy I don’t just think they smells funny…that is some nasty a$$ed smelling green stick things that look too much like snakes to me. Just saying.
6.  Musical talent runs in my family, my oldest daughter plays(ed) saxophone – brilliant, 1 son played trumpet really well, 1 son plays a mean guitar and me…well I’m a poet.
7.  When I don’t like eating a certain food I tell people that I’m allergic to it. Hey don’t judge me, people forgive you for being allergic, BUT they insist you would “like” it the way they fix it and on and on with the you should try it and it’s soo good and what’s wrong with you – infinity. Thanks but no, I’m allergic. The End

So there are 7 things about me, true or not, copied or shared life experience. And now to pass this super & duper Stylish Blogger Award to …I know wait for it {so quiet I could hear a pin drop IF I dropped one)
My dear internet & yours  the ever Dancing Daisy, you are stylin' and I pick you {get picking a Daisy as in a flower} and then there is, well I’d bestow it upon Brian of WayStationOne, because he is swell - but it doesn’t look like he does the “award” thing; however it’s yours should you like to grab it Brian. Okay and moving on to another dear internet & yours Elizabeth, a swell stylin' person that lifts others up. Now that is strong lol stylin' in a steal sort of way. 

So I expect y'all to have a super & duper & SAFE fire free 4th of JULY


Daisy said...

Well, I did indeed say "Awww" at the first one, and I laughed my head off at "spare-guts." Perfect description of them. hahaha!!

Thank you for the award, dear Paige. I am honored. Congratulations to you, as well. You are indeed "stylish." :-)

Deanna Schrayer said...

Congratulations you stylish woman you! Much deserved award.

My guess is that all are true. If not, they should be for they all sound genuinely like you. Am I right?

... Paige said...

Will let ya know Deanna :0}

Elizabeth - youwho can you hear me! I link to you and bam ah lam Private'tized the el blogg'age.

80s Queen said...

I used to hold my breath as I drove over bridges...medication has helped that though. ; )

Brian Miller said...

haha on the mail box...

congrats...i rarely do awards but consider me honored...just got in from the wedding and jumped over to see...have a lovely rest of your weekend.

sheila said...

#2, OMG, LOL! Meeee tooo!