May 14, 2010


Please be sure to read the stuff's a Surprise about moi!

The Dream
       .according to us

I saw a miniature black horse; its name was Ninety-two
standing before orange elevator doors
they chimed open, Ninety-two winked and leapt inside

I followed, fell into roses red and white and dripping with dew
every scratchless thorn capped with cotton
as 'round the palace the Queen raced on little Ninety-two

I hid behind red velvet curtains, plush and warm as wine,
while the sweat-flecked horse rode on, faster and faster
and the Queen fixed me with her terrible eye

As she put Ninety-two through saddle breaking phases,
Ninety-two strobed, electric
and she was sometimes me and sometimes the Queen

Like a hot tart dropped in haste, Ninety-two’s
chaotic glow took on a heat of
madness - liberating floating in sweet madness!

Equine strength summoned, she galloped full speed
The ground seemed to give way and suddenly
I and not the Queen was airborne, soaring majestically

Tiny toy houses and doll like people fell away
they could not see me above, light as air
Bliss; until a far north wind came and took me

Orange balloons with black eighteen's galloped skyward
like little winged ponies as I emerged,
Birthday Queen, from childhood's fevered dream

I awoke at last, in my damp and familiar bed
Mother smiling, gently wiping my brow
and little Ninety-two safely corralled in my arms

Y’all remember the Daisy Chain Poem (finished poem above) I told you about it over here? Mark has posted about his piece here. Well my dear internets I’m honored to announce that Linda Simoni-Wastila of Left Brain Write, has / or shortly will post an interview of moi. So my dear internets please rush on over there and find out what deep secret questions she may have asked and how they were answered by me. Linda will also be interviewing some {if not all} of the other poets that participated in the chain…Oooo, this is so exciting I can’t wait to find out what I said. Come on let’s go,  I'll wait

{waiting} don’t worry take your time {waiting} I know it may be a little long winded {waiting} But hey I’m so worth it and you are so ultra worth waiting for. No seriously. I mean it.

Okay so now that you are back I have a few questions for y’all:

1. What did you think?

2. Did I sound like a crazy a$$?

3. Were you impressed with any of my answers? And if so Which ones?

4. Did I embarrass myself?

5. Should I refuse any and all future interview requests from now on?

Come on do tell, don’t be shy…I’m waiting


Jennifer Strauss-Myers said...

Oh Paige! This poem leaves me spellbound! Brilliant, just brilliant!


Tony Noland said...

I love the way this ended up!

Mark Kerstetter said...

What I liked most about your interview is that you see poetry everywhere. I do too.

If poetry, or any art, can help people see the little things they normally take for granted, then it has done its job. Maybe poets have to be a little crazy to do that, in that they see differently than others. So be it. Poetize on!

sheila said...

Oh you did great! Not embarrasing or silly, it was great! I LOVED the comparison of prose to hamburger! GENIUS!!!!

And I loved how you were inspired with the horse poem! Great story!

Your poem brought an old poem/riddle to mind:

There once was a horse
that won great fame.
What Do You Think
Was the horses name.

Deanna Schrayer said...

Well Paige, you have proven that Poetry Month paid off well! This poem is absolutely gorgeous! As spellbounding as it is, I think my favorite line is "Like a hot tart dropped in haste" - paints such a vivid picture!
I haven't read the interview yet, but will in a minute. I'm sure you did fantabulous!
Congrats! And thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work.

karen said...

Awesome and honest! Just like you! :-)

Jannie Funster said...

Paige! I've been thinking of you. I didn't get to read all this dream-poem yet, so please forgive.

I'm off to Lowe's in 30 seconds with the Jimster.

But I'll be back soon to revel in your talented Paige-ness. Feels like too too long since I've been here, but I love you and will return!


Jen said...

Paige this was beautiful! You did a fantastic job! Definitely have an amazing ability for poetry!

J. M. Strother said...

What a great concept, and neat to see how it all turned out.

Your interview was fine. I also loved that you see poems in everything. That is really cool.

Jannie Funster said...

Well, I'm back! Finally.

The Daisy Chain, I thoguht it was written all by YOU until you clarified. It is so smooth, high and fine.

LOVED your interview, left my comment over there. You were kidding on wondering if you embarassed yourself, right? You had to have been. A little crazyA$$? Yep, in a great way and I wouldn't change you for anything.

Congrats on your interview, the first of many, I'm sure. I enjoyed it, especially the thought about us trying to be like God, I think that's true, I think he has a special palce for poets like you.


Linda said...

Hey Paige, I LOVE yur poem and the way it funneled down to the ending. Of course, I told you that already but needed to proclaim it loudly and publicly! And thank you for gracing my blog page with your words of wisdom. I see poems everywhere, too; and stories. How lucky we are to see the world through these lenses.

Sorry to chime in so late - just returned last night from a youth 'vision quest' retreat. intense, inspiring, awesome. Fodder for poems and stories galore. Hope the hubbers had a happy Happy! Peace, Linda

Dapoppins said...

I haven't looked yet but knowing you I think there must be some number two over there!