May 10, 2010

Hand Sanity

Hum, don’t ya mean sanitary? No I do mean sanity as in judgment of common sense and it’s about time sanitary went green. I know y’all have heard me talk about how I totally dislike it when people sneeze or cough in their hands, yeah you know you hate it too. I feel that I am constantly going around nagging and nagging people about the right way…you know sneeze in the bend of your crook of your elbow or in your arm pit and it is perfectly good to cough there too. See that captures the rush of air and moisture particles that whoosh out of your face.

Okay enough of that nagging and onto hand washing lesson 101; wash with soap and warm water (cold / tepid will work too) and sing Happy Birthday two whole times, don’t cheat and sing fast or skip verses. Oh crappies now you need to dry your hands; some public restrooms have those blow dryers for hands; well they are terrible as they blow hot air that goes blowing around the little room and with it the germs and bacteria that others may not have completely washed off. And we all know they like warm moist areas and they are waiting to attack your lungs. I know, I know I’m getting there…

At a recent trip to the Taco Bell I needed to go, you know number one. I was impressed that when they remodeled they installed a new hand dryer machine. The kind that is like an automated car wash dryer. Really kinda cool. So I read the instructions and followed them…inserted my wet and dripping hands then the sensor sensed that there were hands in the machine and it blew (pretty hard) cool air and I slowly pulled them outta the machine and they were dry. It looked so funny blowing my skin, who knew I had old’ish loose skin on my little hands that blew around like what’s his name did in the sky diving scene of Bucket List. I would have taken a picture but my hands were in the machine. [duh] And now on to my Super Peeps Club award/badge thing-a-mi-jigs

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Thanks everyone for enduring my nagging and long winded hand dryer machine. And my dear internets grab the thingie if you like—no stringies.

PS I hope everyone had a Great Mother's Day and if it wasn't up to expections, make today extra exceptional!


Jai Joshi said...

I'm a fanatic about clean hands. I can't stand dirt of any kind on mine or *shudder* stickiness. I spend a large portion of the day making sure my hands are clean.


Deanna Schrayer said...

I carry hand sanitizer with me at all times, never even use the sinks or hand dryers in bathrooms - they're so dirty most of the time I don't know how a body could actually get their hands clean using them. Of course some places, like the WalMart, has those automatic ones where you don't have to touch anything, but only a trickle of water comes out! So I always use my hand sanitizer; in fact, my sons have become so accustomed to this they'll push the bathroom door open with their butt, holding their hands in the air as if they're being robbed, until they see me. They hold their hands out to me to pour the sanitizer on.

Thanks so much for the award Paige! That is so sweet of you, and this made me realize when I changed my theme on my blog my awards disappeared! I didn't even notice they were gone! *sigh* always something. I feel honored that you have chosen me as a super peep, (I accidentally typed 'poop'). ;)

Zephra said...

We had those when I worked for Texas Instruments. They had the auto hand washers too. Now they need to make the doors open without having to touch them!

Thomma Lyn said...

Awww, thank you so much for the award! You're a super peep, too. :-D

Glad you found one of those hand dryer thingies that you like. I've run across them with auto-sensors, but the ones I've tried don't run long enough to dry a gnat, let alone my hands. ;)

Jennifer Strauss-Myers said...

Oh Paige thank you!!!!! After reading this post I'm convinced you would have been an awesome nurse! All your patients would be super clean & germ free! Course you'd probably be wearing the full isolation gown mask & gloves at all times,......but none-the less...... ;)

You too are a Super Peep!


Jen said...

Wow what great pictures, I haven't seen one of those, but I am glad to see that we are going green around the US and I wish like you that more people would cough and sneeze appropriately!

Congratulations on the awards!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Nifty hand drier there.
Don't get me started with hand germs- I work with some winners who hate me for my nagging ways...
We wear gloves n I keep making folks change them.

Tip: you turn on the water faucet with dirty hands- so use a tissue to shut it off with your clean hands! (See told ya...!)

Thanks muchly for the Peeps accolades! That pic always makes me crave marshmellows too...

Stacy Post said...

Hand sanitizer is a must when I'm working at the library. Public spaces can be filled with all kinds of not-so-pleasant surprises. A reminder is always good!

Community Resource Team said...

oh, i am so glad to finally be a peep on a stick.

Kiss kiss!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

But! But! But!

If the person [who used the hand dryer thing] before you, had not washed with soap ~~ And I'd say everyone is bound to touch that machine a bit ~~ Then don't you pick up some of the germs left there, by the "nut" who just ran fingers under water for 2 seconds ~~ And then dried them though????????????

Yah' I think this way... Sorry...