April 28, 2010

Lucky, lucky me

I count myself as among the lucky. I have become acquainted with many fine folks here in the www. Okay so I think they are fine. And mumbling and grumbling over coffee on lazy mornings would be a treat. And the following is about two such loverly lucky things…

I’m sure I don’t have to remind y’all that this has been National Poetry Month and how I’ve been doing the daily prompts as offered by Robert at Poetic Asides (no this is not a commercial)…

So’s anyways I was asked for a few poems to be looked over and edited by Georganna of A Writer’s Edge, which she did only for her own entertainment - As poetry is a personal thing making it somewhat relative to edit; (relative to the person writing and what they are conveying) and an editors changes may incite a shift in the overall emotion that the poet was sending. If that makes any sense to anyone other than me. Okay now the point She is going to post one such poem of mine sometime today Wednesday 4-28-2010 and I must say that I’m very excited and sincerely touched and honored by this wonderful gesture of www friendship. Thanks so much Geo!

Now on to some poetry crazy-a$$ed’ness (a word I just now made up) I was also lucky in that I was asked to participate in a Daisy Chain event by Drwasy, well my dear internets I seldom pass up a poetry challenge and plus it sounded fun. We each were to start a poem with whatever rules and theme we wanted and e-mail it to the person on the list that appeared after us. Things went a little awry as they are inclined to do when traveling by way of the www, it’s world wide after all. I won’t put my starter here as there is still some discussion as to what their end may be, BUT I will post the silly (yet fun) poem that I diddled up to mark the event (and using the prompt from April26) Ladies and Gentlemen and Others, here for the first time is…{exciting music of your choice)

Daisy Chain

Five starters made it around (to me)
And then no others could be found
Oh me, oh my who was to blame
It wasn’t busy Melissa
On accounta she couldn’t play
Robin sent to Mark and then he to me

And I on to Tony and he to Linda
Michael and Laurita were in the chain
And three went missing the email way
Oh who to blame
It was poor ol’ Doug that got picked

And being the good sport, that I hope he is
Said Our Distant Friends are Impetus
And the Citizen Three remembered
July 12, 1979 was like a Speedball

And then they went on to The Dream
Of an Early Spring which weirdly turned
Out to be Terminal

And now you too have been zapped
By the gang and their fun daisy chain

Back to lucky me – Silly is as silly does and sometimes a little crazy a$$ed’ness will lighten the load; worries can get carried off by nonsense and laughter

Disclaimer: I don’t know any of these fine folks, virtually or otherwise, (other than Linda) so as for Doug, I only used the terms Old and Poor as an artist prerogative, for all I know he is young and very (very I say) wealthy.


Jai Joshi said...

I love the idea of a daisy chain! I know you'll have tons of fun with it.

That's wicked cool of Geo to post your poem. I'm heading over to her site now to check it out!


Jen said...

I'm with Jai, this is a great idea and you're going to have tons of fun with it!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Been ages since I thought of a Daisy Chain- Neat idea! n Poem!
You're lucky too-

Blue Bunny said...

wot the werld need now is more

crazy a$$ed’ness stuffs.

and mor pomes from yoo.


yay!!!! i wil tel my jannie to hurrie and reed yor poem ovir at the site.


Dorraine said...

Oh, I've got to stop by Geo's place! Sweet, Paige. Congrats!!

sheila said...

Now THAT is cool! Sounds like fun. And maybe some work. :o)

Linda said...

Loved your poem at G's place, and loved your homage to the daisy chain gang! finally have time to breathe and kick that endeavor up a notch. Over the weekend - yardsale tomorrow, and then... detritus cleared. Peace...

Mark Kerstetter said...

Hi Paige. I had a fun time with this game and enjoyed my place in the chain. Doug and Robin were a challenge to follow. It was good of Linda to put this together. Your homage was a delight to read!

Laurita said...

I so enjoyed both your poems, Paige. The line about sitcoms through neighbours windows was a delight.

The daisy chain was a fun challenge, and I have to admit I was fairly intimidated by some of the ideas sent my way. I'll also happily share the blame of the missing poems with Doug, as I think they lost their way between my place and his. :)

Michael Solender said...

i'm old & poor, so you were right-on! thanx for joining in the madness, the results say it all. fun and quite good!