July 27, 2009

G V T part 2

Are you ready for part 2 for the Grand Virtual Tour of my studio? Who was it that wanted to see the bathroom door? Oh never mind, I suppose it doesn’t really matter…here it is.

No it ‘s not really stained glass, it’s one of those “cling” type things. I got it from Home Depot, I think...well really I just don’t remember. Hey give me a break I have sleept a few hundred times since then. Where was I… oh yeah the Grand Virtual Tour. So what if I said that already. Who’s counting? Well I guess you will have to just get over it. You see sometimes my dear internets I repeat myself. Who doesn’t? Now let’s see…Ok then we’ll get started. This is the main media portion. As you can see there is a TV, yes it is Heavy Duty (HD). Sorry I thought it was funny…you can stop the hissing now…no I’m cereal stop it. Cripes what a hard group.

I know it’s a weird place for a stack of rocks but I’m weighing down an altered book I’m working on. Oh you don't, just google it and you too can make one… of course you have enough talent. I mean even a monkey could... I mean look at me if I can you can. Next question please…someone…any one…Yes it’s one of those Amish heaters you have seen advertized on TV. It works very well in here. No I won’t turn it on are you crazy it’s over a hundred degrees outside. Geez don’t be such a crazy a$$! Besides the air conditioner is on. Yeah both Beloved and I like the art deco style, but as you can also see we are a bit eclectic. No they are not my weapons and no I don’t particularly like them but I did promise Beloved an area where he could hang out so ya know how that goes.

This is my primary working corner although I can roll the island anywhere. Yes it is made from 2 cabinets of drawers screwed together. They are screwed to a piece of plywood that has High Definition (HD) wheels and a plywood top that I stained and put a couple of coats of polyurethane on it.

And this is back to the beginning. We got the microwave and small fridge on clearance. Oh those, those are sort of like desk areas. If they didn't have so much crap stacked in the opening I could pull up a chair and sit while I blog or create magnificent works of fine arts. I Do Too…well maybe one day I will…if I want to.

And who knows maybe I’ll show you some more of that art stuff. That is a maybe Not a promise. Thanks for coming. Bye y’all…bye bye now.

When do I get to see your places? Come on now be fair...I showed you mine now you have to show me yours!


sheila said...

BEAUTIFUL! Love the rocks :)
Also, so cool to actually know someone who has one of those amish heaters! My husband and I always wondered if it actually does what it says. (great, now we'll be buying one, lol)

Nice diggs!

judypatooote said...

Your room is beautiful....and so clean looking....and organized.... on your comment about that cancer dance....well I deleted it, for it said the same thing to me....I am in a fix for I updated to internet explorer 8, and I can't restore my computer to an earlier date....I really screwed's not working well, and I don't know what to do....well so much for my problem....I hope your well, and I'll be back later....judy

... Paige said...

Thanks y’all. Judy thanks for the warning. I heard that about Exploder 8 and hope all my dear internets use caution when updating windows

teahouse said...

Love your place!!! It's byoo-tiful. Really love the outdoor space, too! The whole thing looks so comfy, homey and inviting!

Jai Joshi said...

You're so funny. I talk just like that sometimes.

The studio looks lovely and I loved the rocks too. You must have a lot of fun in there. So that amish heater works well, huh? No, I won't ask you turn it on now. But you should post a picture during winter so we can see you all cozy and warm in the studio.


Jannie Funster said...


Just love it. Love the style. Love the organization. Love the woman who put it all together.

The door clinger is pretty realistic, actually.

And hubby's machetes, oh well, they have to have their little corners, don't they? hubby's I mean. Or Beloveds I guess, in this case.


... Paige said...

thanks y'all. I'm still waiting to see y'all places, cept for Jannie...she did show us her dining room makeover into a verynice office area.

and I'm still waiting