August 1, 2009

Dream a little dream

I’ve had some, dreams that is, haven’t you? But today’s post is about a special dream of mine. Come on and play along with me won’t you…

Ok so I had this weird dream the other night. My dear internets picture this if you dare…

Total darkness then suddenly I was walking through a house {who’s house?}. Beloved was beside me. “Ouch! I think I kicked something”, walking, walking tra la la tra dee la. Then I said out loud, “I think I cut my toe. It feels kinda stingy.”

Looking down I notice my little toe on my left foot is gone. There is no blood just a stub of a socket with a bit of bone and pinkish sort of meat. I glanced behind me and there it was. It was lying on a wooden floor. I pick it up and kinda played with it in my left hand. I said, “Honey you need to put a band aid on my toe or sew it back on.” Beloved said ok, but we just keep walking only now {dream poof} we were outside and the grass was wet and there was some sandy dirt sort of stuff. I started walking all goofy and stupid like (you know what I mean) so I wouldn’t get my little toe socket wet and dirty. Cause even in a dream I knew that would not be a good thing. Again I said, only louder, “Honey put a band aid on my little toe or sew it back on.”

{dream poof} Suddenly I woke up. I most likely really said it out loud. I sorta inherited my Dad’s talking in his sleep thang.

So what does it mean? I have not been able to connect it with anything going on in my life right now and that is why it bothers me so much. My dear internets could this really have been just some weird dream without any meaning, if there is such a thing?

What’s your opinion…ya got anything…come on tell me what y’all think


Jannie Funster said...

Could there have been a fire ant biting your toe as you slept, or a scorpion? Did you awake with toe pain or scarring?

Okay here's what I jutt read on it on a dream interpretation site...

this page to be exact...

"To see your toes in your dream, represents how you move and walk through life with such grace and poise (or there lack of). Alternatively, toes may also represent the minor detail of life and how you deal with them.

To dream that you hurt your toe or that there is a corn or abrasion on it, signifies that you are feeling anxiety about moving forward with something.


To dream that someone is kissing your toe, indicates that they are trying to reassure and reaffirm your progress forward"

So..... a little anxiety about moving forrward, maybe?


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Darjkness is always the unknown

Jeni said...

Loved your very descriptive words -"Dream poof" -and will have to remember that one! Who knows what triggers any dreams -or nightmares, as some of them may be. A theme that has been occurring frequently in my own dreams is that I am working at the truckstop -waitressing again -same place where I slaved for seven years between 1981 and 1988 and from which job I was subsequently fired too. And in these dreams, I am being yelled at, bitched at, by customers all wanting me to get their food to them, yesterday! And I am frustrated and trying to explain, crying even, that I'm trying and moving as fast as I can! Yeah -it qualifies as a nightmare in my book because the mere thought of ever having to work in that place again is indeed a nightmare! Maybe it's a warning to me that bad things could come my way! I duno!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Maybe your dream means that you have to ask your beloved for help twice before he really listens or takes you seriously....
And you're feeling anxious about that because you might really need immediate emergency medical attention and won't be able to ask repeatedly.

But I must say that you were very calm & collected in your dream over the loss of your toe.

... Paige said...

Calm & collected because of all the dream poofs; I thought it was weird that there was no blood. Beloved is pretty good about listening and hearing me the first time. He thinks it’s because I’m not pushing hard enough to get some of my stuff published with kinda goes along with what Jannie mentioned. I wonder if there is some “hurt” in me, that I’m unaware of, and that is what needs fixing but of course if I don’t know what it is how will he ever know what it is.

sheila said...

Maybe you're supposed to take up needlepoint?

I don't know. My dreams are just as weird and I don't bother figuring out what they mean anymore. I gave up! lol

But I'd definitely watch where you're walking for awhile.

Tammy said... is my analysis: I think the fact that your beloved would not sew the toe back on is a clear sign that you don't need that toe and you should whack it off. Go on. take one for the team. It is just a toe after all.

Dapoppins said...

When I was in late pregnancy with my 4th kid I kept dreaming I was drowning...over and over.

Huh. Wonder what that could mean?

But if you are feeling disconnected, why did you want hubby to fix it? Hummmmmmmmmmmmm?

Jannie Funster said...

Hey, I think we all have little hurts in us of some kind or another, and of course we all have things we could maybe be pursuing or working on that our subconscious knows.

Sounds like beloved is crazy for you and believes in your writing.

VeRonda said...

Man, that is so weird... You know, I hear that when you dream something like that it's really nothing to do with that at all. Not sure if its symbolic or just related to a name or time in your life, but dreams like that are the weirdest things.

... Paige said...

Needlepoint, if only my carpels could stand it. Take one for the team? I don’t think so and this is why I don’t do sports. And the drowning dreams usually just mean you have to go pee.
You guys crack me up

Snaggle Tooth said...

I always go to
n look up dream elements- here goes:

Dark- Mystery. The unknown and unformed. A place of fear or of potential. Difficulties ahead.

Walking- Freedom. Movement. Ask yourself where do you want to go.

Husband- Partner. Commitment.

House- Financial security. Happiness within the family. Honor and dignity. Being.

Foot- Basic beliefs. Direction in life. You should mend your ways in life otherwise you will suffer from your foolishness.

Injury- Damage ready to be repair. Work on old wounds.

Dirt- If negative,unclean;if positive,fertility. Discovery of lost valuables.

There's some stuff to mull over!