October 27, 2008

Lucky 7

Okay here we go. It’s a game of Tag? 1-2-3 You’re IT

Zephra of Chronicles An Exhausted Mom, Jennifer of DownRiverDrivel, Kimmy Of I have no name for this, Gina of Just another day, Linda of Left Brain Write, Judy of Memories are made of this and Patty of Morning ramble. I don’t want to hear any excuses or whining about how you don’t do these things or you never know what to say. All you have to do is play...

Here are your seven:

1. It is your lucky day what are you going to do?
2. What was the game you played as a child that you almost always or always did win?
3. You get to meet anyone from the past or present who will it be?
4. When you relax what is it that you do?
5. What is your favorite number?
6. What was the name of your favorite childhood toy?
7. If you could name the next fashion fade/craze what would it be?

Here are my answers:

1. Yeah for me! I am going to start my world traveling adventure starting with a train ride up to Alaska.
2. Sorry! It seemed that I was always sorry for something or another.
3. Jane Austen. There are a few questions I would ask. Love the books and what A & E does to make them movies.
4. Soak in a bubble bath and breathe deeply with my eyes closed. Tiny bubbles drifting and lifting away all my cares.
5. Three (3) Weird that it is an odd number, but that’s how I am. And you know I gotta be me!
6. Barbie. I made clothes for her and furniture and teeny tiny writing books and pencils and the list goes on.
7. The FFW-Full figure women, sorry you skinny gals but it is time for history to repeat in favor of so of us women with a little bit more meat on our bones. Yea! Double chins are in and the milk bubbles are natural.

Now that wasn’t so bad was it? The hardest part is picking your Lucky 7. Good luck in you mission. And if ya want pick your own lucky 7 to play.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

I agree; the FFW is much better!

kimmyk said...

Because I love you and your brain I will play this game.

Just not today, homework is coming out my ears....I promise I got it though.

LOL @ milk bubbles. That took me a minute!

Oh and I passed your comment along to Nukie.

judypatooote said...

Oh my gosh, please don't hate me, but I never do the tag me lazy, I just never do it....and if I do one friends tag, I feel I should do all my friends tags, and I already skipped one.....judy

kimmyk said...

Backatcha...From Nukie:

"I want you to know I do miss everyone including yourself and Paige. Tell her that for me. Also tell her that I am still writing, but it's all in my head. I get some crazy idea's that someday will explode back onto the internet."