November 1, 2008

Know, No, November?

So do you guys like this calendar thang I've been doing? or Should I drop it? Yes this vote is for you.

You my followers, or not followers. See the dohickie in the side bar for my followers---Cool huh? You bet it is.

So any ways this month we have Diabetes Awareness, Inspirational Role Models, National Novel Writing and National Peanut Butter Lovers.

Week long we have…

Intimate Apparel Market 3-7
Pursuit of Happiness 8-14
National Geography Awareness 16-22
National Bible 23-30

And the daily parties of…

Use Your Common Sense on the 4th
World Kindness on the 13th
Great American Smoke Out 20th
Celebrate your Unique Talent on the 24th
Flossing on the 28th

And there you have it a short month of happenings of just a few of things you can do or not. Be sure to let me know if ya like the calender thingie or not or even if ya just don't care. Now go out there be a good role model that uses common sense when preforming your unique talent especialy when flossing. Oh yea don't forget Turkey Day or more commonly known as Thanksgiving the day we Americans give special thanks as a nation to our Father God.

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Debra said...

Hi Paige...just wanted to thank you again for your kind comments at my blog. Oh, I know.... this having to think ahead is the ultimate challenge for me. I've always been a list person but now I have lists for practically everything so that I will forget nothing, especially while I'm at the supermarket. I've always said I like challenges and well, now, I'm eating my words. heh. Thanks again for stopping by! Blessings, Debra