October 21, 2008

This one time I was late

Did I tell you the story about the time I was late. No- well let me ya tell now…
It was not my normal late to work (ahha fooled you) but late as in really late for work? I’m sure none of you have ever done this in the dim light of your bedroom… reached under the edge of your bed, grab a pair of shoes slip ‘em on and scurry out the door. Work goes as usual, that is until I got curious about why one of my shoes didn’t feel like the other one. No this has nothing to do with my lead foot. I looked down and SURPRISE, each delicate little foot was attired in a different shoe. Now I’m not talking about the shoe found by Mel at Actual Unretouched Photo , yes you will have to look for it. Nope that is a shoe of a different size.

There was this one other time at work…{que the memory music of your choice and wavy lines} It was a normal day and a cubical buddy of mine started giggling. I didn’t think anything of it at first after all she had giggle fits from time to time. But after she said “Hey Flo”, to another cubical buddy{cause my name is not Flo), “have you ever seen something like this?” I turn to look because I wanta see too. There she was pointing, Heni was actually pointing at me. ME! “WHAT?” I causally questioned as they both go into a full-blown fit of laughter, which drew the attention of other folks in the office. I look down and wandered if my jeans were unzipped or maybe they had a rip and my butt was hanging out. But no they weren’t and didn’t. I looked ok. Or so I thought.

By now anybody that was anybody in the office was standing at my cubicle grinning, smiling and chuckling. Finally after what seemed an eternity Heni says “You need help. You really need to hire someone to dress you. Your shirt is inside out.” OMG Can you believe it, all that, that big ol’ scene was just because of my shirt. I threatened to strip right there if they didn’t stop laughing. Everyone immediately straightened up and got back to work. I meekly excused myself for repair.

Has this ever happened to any of you? If so I’m sure you understand and if not just, well just stop snickering cause it could. Happen to you…Someday that is!


Jeni said...

I don't remember ever wearing two different shoes although with me, anything is possible. However, I have on several occasions been know to wander out into the public arena with a shirt on inside out or backwards too. Yeah, I'm kind of graceful too like that!

Bee Repartee said...

Two different shoes. Blue and black even.

I've also tucked my dress into my pantyhose in the back and walked a glass corridor of exec. offices with my self hanging out (thong unders). I was in my late teens and was modeling swimsuits for the company at the time.

The uppity ups treated me so nice after that. I wanted to die. True story.

kimmyk said...

i've worn a navy blue and a black croc to work before. and my underwear inside out...that's about it.


you have little feets girl.

karen said...

I've worn different color socks. I do other scary things like the TOTALLY wrong words when I'm talking. I wanted to tell my vet friend (who has neuropathy) that "You look great and I'm glad you feel better." It came out, "I'm glad you look better."