August 18, 2011

And it was all...

Bam like. Hole E Mole E, another weekend of blistering heat and an A/C that could barely keep up, ya know?. Rhetorical question...meaning not really a question more like a statement in question needs no answer...but I suppose you may if you want to. Answer that is.

So we left the confines of our semi cool, yet comfy domicile. Are you impressed with use of fancy vocabulary words? Haha rhetorical (insert grin) Where did we go? What did we do? Just hold your horses and I'll tell ya. We went to the theater. Say it all fancy and uppity like. Thee-Ate-Tah, yeah like that...only it was the movie theater.

I know this has been out for a little while but hey it's worth giving y'all, my dear internets who have not forgotten me, my review of... Cowboys and Aliens. See there was something more to that dance dream I told y'all about after all.

Anywho we enjoyed it. It had good graphics! The story line was a new (for moi) spin on Visitors from Out of Space not the kind of alien that crosses the border without the proper paperwork. You know that is laugh -- dagnabit! This movie gets a five thumbs up from us. Five because there was a couple of those jiggly camera shaky "what ta heck" kind of scenes in it.

Now onto yet another day of pure Texas hotness and I don't mean where my Beloved just admires me. Nope. We went to the movies again! I know! TWO DAYS IN A ROW! We saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes. And it too had good graphics, who would have thunk it? ReeeToreAhKul. Interesting story line about the, DNA, why to play with it and OMG...really the end of humanity as we know it! And yes we enjoyed this one too. Although we think they (writers/directors/actors) could have played up a bit more of an emotional attachment to Cesar. And although this is yet another remake of the 1968 Ape Planet series, we once again give a five thumbs up.

Oh, the unusual number of thumbs. Okay I'll explain that for those of y'all who asked, for those that didn't... don't feel obligated to read the explanation. My little family has dwindled down over time from seven children to only one left at home and that gives us three sets of thumbs. A rating of six up would be really good cause that would mean we all LOVED the movie and it needed no improvements from our standpoint. Where as one thumb or a negative thumb would mean you are crazy insane to spend your very hard earned money on seeing it at all in any form. 

Sooo bottom line is both of these movies were worth the matinee price we paid to see 'em


ElizabethR said...

Know what you mean about the heat Paige. Relentless doesn't come close to describing it. It's merciless, merciless I tell you!

So glad you gave a review of Gowboys and Aliens. Hubby and I have been wanting to see that for a while. I thought it would probably be rubbish, but! Now we have your recommendation :)

I'm having a Limerick contest over on my blog. And I'm betting your's will be a doozie! SO come on over and give us a giggle.


Daisy said...

You crack me up!! I'm so glad to hear that you don't personally have 5 thumbs. hahahaha! Movies two days in a row!? Wow--your hubby does love you indeed. :D You're not going to get spoiled and get all hoity-toity on us are you? I'm glad you enjoyed the movies. I hope you have a great weekend.

Brian Miller said... stuff...want to see both of these got lots of thumbs...smiles.

Linda said...

Two matinees in a row! Whew! We went FOR THE FIRST TIME AS A FAMILY to see the final Harry Potter. I go all the time with the kiddos, but hubbers also joined us (first time in a theater in 8-9 years for him). We give it 5 thumbs up, too, tho even with matinee admission the wallet was not happy.

I DO want to see both flicks you folks saw, prolly on dvd tho.

Stay cool, dear friend! Peace...

Jeni said...

I rarely go to the movies -or theater -mainly because I have a very strong tendency to fall asleep at those places and I figure if I'm gonna fall asleep while watching a movie, I may as well do it at home, watching the movie on a rented dvd that way, I can replay it again and again, till I think I've seen all the movie. (I've come to the conclusion that movie theaters put something in their heating/cooling systems, just like doctors and dentists must do, because it is inevitable that I will fall asleep shortly after arriving at any of those places! Go figure. Right now though, I'm actually considering go to see the movie "The Help" in hopes that it might be able to stimulate me enough to keep awake through the entire thing.
Oh and the heat -we had a long (for PA) spell of a heat wave and dry spell here during which time the temps reached over 100 several days in a row which is quite unusual for this neck of the woods! Glad that heat wave broke and it's much more comfortable here of late.

Snaggle Tooth said...

My summer has been so work busy- I haven't been to the Thee-air-ter in awhile.Gotta make hay while the Sun Shines n the saucers skip in. I can't wait til it comes out on dvd. 5 thumbs must be exceptional.

I remember watching Cornieleus n Charlton Heston in the series with my Dad. Also there's a Donny Wahlberg ape movie I have on dvd.
Love Sci-fi n effects too.

Thanks for the post n review!

Deanna Schrayer said...

Okay, time for me to throw a wrench in here...sorry Paige but I hated Cowboys and Aliens. Then again, I'm not much for sci-fi stuff in general. However, it was the poor cinematography (sp?) that blew it for me. Interesting that you enjoyed it for the same reason I didn't. I actually left the theater and waited outside for the hubby and sons to finish watching it, about ten minutes before the end. BUT, that was probably more because I was having a hard time sitting still than due to the movie itself, (the reason I rarely go to the movies). Good to know someone liked it though.

I am SO GLAD I don't live in Texas right now! It's been hot here, but I can't imagine the misery y'all are going through. Here's hoping it rains and cools things off real soon!

Jannie Funster said...

I see you in the mirror taking the picture....

We not bin to enny movee theeters of late.

We rented some DVDS. I very much recommend "Driving Lessons" and some other movie I can't remember the name of , but maybe if I keep typing and drinking this library coffee I'll remember. Oh yes -- Dr. Zhivago, the newer version with that brunette in it, you know, what's her name. I had never seen the original. So..... after we watched to newer one we rented, or I should say, borrowed the original, but the last part would not play, so that was a real bummer. I can only guess at the ending, like I can only guess at the ending of Fiddler On The Roof, which I never saw either.

The dogs days are still here.

110 today, but calling for maybe 92-94 highs late in the week and some strange thing called RAIN forecasted.

Kelly is LOVING public school.

xo from the whole gang.

Thanks for the thing in the mail.

80s Queen said...

I liked Cowboys and Aliens too. You can't really go wrong with a movie with Indiana Jones and 007 in it...and cool looking aliens.