June 24, 2011

Motorcycle Kids

and the price of gas

So my dear internets I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how expensive gas is, y’all know. Now due to the price lots of people have switched to riding motorcycles, which is working well for them here these days as we have no rain to worry about. Oh did I mention that motorcycles are cheaper than cars or trucks and AND the insurance on them is way cheaper too.

No I have not gone out and gotten a bike, although no, no, but I have been seeing women riding driving them and they seem very pleased. Oh I know some of y’all are hard fast believers that it’s a man’s vehicle, but I’m one of those people that believe If a man can do it, So can a woman. That’s not to say I that I think they should. Hey don’t shoot me. I think that there are some things that men can do easier, maybe even better, because they are physically built for it and likewise for women.

But back to the motorcycles, when an accident happens with a bike, it is serious even little spills can be very serious. That is why riders should wear helmets. Helmets keep the brains off the pavement. NO! I am not gonna get in a helmets / no helmets argument with y’all, it’s my opinion and as I guess I have to remind y’all…This here is Paradise Valley and WE are the Queen and we may speak as we please, without any back talk comments.

Why am I posting about this, I’m sure you are wondering…Well let me show you (I know blurry, but we were all going about 55 MPH)

 See, the driver has no helmet the rider has no helmet, heck she is even wearing a skirt. Which truthfully is what caught my eye the other day anyway. LOL No her skirt didn’t go flying up, that would have been funny (for moi). But No NO NO -- it was the little thing she had between her legs that upset me. Oh here is a cropped in view.

Can y’all, my dear internets, see that? The little bare knee sticking up, the hand gripped onto the driver’s black leather vest.

Is this legal?

Prior to September 1, 2009 there was no minimum age, height or weight requirement. HB537 passed in the 81st Legislative Session and it requires a passenger be at least five years old. No changes were made to helmet requirements: if under 21 years old a passenger must still wear a helmet, if over 21 years old a passenger can ride without a helmet if the driver meets the helmet exemption requirements.
For more information on passengers, visit: Texas Transportation Code and read Chapter 545 Section 416.
For more information on the helmet law and exemptions, visit: Texas Transportaion Code and read Chapter 661 Section 003.
Yes I was horrified! Yes the child appeared to have a helmet on…

But it sure looked like a Bicycle helmet and NOT a motorcycle helmet to me. And just an FYI you can only have 1 passenger legally on a motorcycle

Oh well, I guess children are replaceable. Right?


Brian Miller said...

have been thinking of getting a bike since the gas prices...but i would surely wear a helmet...seen the other side of a bike wreck or two and its not pretty...

Daisy said...

Yikes! That just kind of makes me shudder seeing that child wedged in there. Some people don't have the good sense that God gave a goose.

Bee said...

Ohhh, I gasped when I saw that picture.

I've want a motorcycle but lord, there is a reason people dress the way they do on those things. My dad owned a motorcycle. Was careful. Was hit by a drunk driver and if it wasn't for the helmet and leather he wore, he would have died. Instead he just broke his femur ball joint off into his hip and dealt with some minor road rash.

My point is not to argue the good sense of helmet laws but common sense. That child has bare arms. She looks barefoot! God forbid they get into an accident. Idiots.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Paige .. I just hope they made a sensible decision to get from A to B .. and there was a good reason for being like that .. possibly on the way to hospital.

Good post - highlighting what may possibly don't happen .. and your comment

Children are replaceable aren't they?

Puts it into perspective .. Good luck with the gas prices - you want to come over here!! Not a good thought - Hilary

Jai Joshi said...

I wish I knew how to ride a bike. I'd love to get a motorcycle.

In India I've seen up to four adults on one bike! Of course, everyone over there is thin so they fit but it still amazes me every time.


ElizabethR said...

Paige I'd have called the cops on those folks. I'm sorry but the little one has the right to protection and it seems those supposed to be protecting them are idiots!

They have no control over other drivers, or stray animals, or any other unseen danger that might pop-up. Obviously they believe they are all indestructible.

Seriously, those photos make me feel sick.

... Paige said...

I wanted to call the cops, but alas I did not have their phone number in my cell phone...

I do now