June 20, 2011

Humm Funny

To us everyone is fair game. I know y’all know what I mean by that…but just in case let me splain it. It being people watching (of sorts) Yeah, I knew you knew what I meant. You sit and watch people think about errr talk about what you see. Discuss how hungry their pants are and wonder why they are still wearing white socks with river shoes (a type of sandal) and tight…I means super tight clothes. No guessing how many rolls some people eat when all ya have do it count ‘em. Right, hey stop looking at me and pointing. It is bad manners to point, remember that!

So what I was gonna tell ya involves initials. Yes the first letter of your names, first – middle- 2nd middle – last (I have a son with a couple of middles) But this post is not about him, close though. It’s about one of his sisters. As it turns out their initials have meaning, check it out

CMA = County Music Awards

ERA = Equal Rights Administration

DNA = Deoxyribonucleic Acid

MRLA = Maltese Rugby League Association

KGEA = Kelly Green Evangelistic Association

AMA = American Mortgage Association

And there y’all have it Laughter the bestest medicine and family all rolled up in one shiny package. So tell me your funny initials or at least tell me some kind of people watching story…lalala you can even make up a story about what you think other people think about you when they are people watching.

Come on spill the beans all over your lap and make me laugh, oh my dear internets YOU can do it!


Cathy C. Hall said...

A family that lived in our neighborhood (we'll call them the Smiths)tended to be of the ruckus variety and the family that lived across the street from them (we'll call them the Jones)tended to complain about their ruckus. But still, the Jones would sit on their proch EVERY night to see what those Smiths were up to. Right before the Smiths moved, I saw the Dad. He said he felt bad for the Jones. They wouldn't have any more "Smiths TV" to watch.

And you know, those Jones don't sit on their porch much these days. Guess it's just not the same since their entertainment packed up and moved away. ;-)

Daisy said...

Over the weekend, I went to a parade and street fair in my town. My husband and I always wonder where these people come from for these events. Our guess is "from under a rock," but we could be wrong about that so don't quote us. Of course, we were there too, so maybe people think that about us, as well!

Anyway, do you know that at the street fair, there was one place that was selling something called "Deep Fried Butter?" I am not kidding!! No, I did NOT order any. But, oh my goodness! People eating something called "Deep Fried Butter" would certainly explain the condition of some of the folks at the fair!

It wouldn't explain some of the other people we saw, though. Not sure anything could explain some of the people we saw there! Let's just say that at some points I feared for my life and for the futrue of mankind by what I saw there! :-D

Liara Covert said...

Those who can't laugh at themselves leave the job to others.

Daisy said...

Hmm..."future" is how I meant to spell that word up there. :/

Crap. Now people are going to be saying I'm a bad speller.

Jeni said...

We tend to joke around our family about being a bit on the "rednecky" side but some days, we're a bit more than that -try a LOT on that side of the fence.
One of the expressions I've always heard and used too around my kids when wondering about someone and their apparel or attitude or whatever -"Where were you borned? In a barn?" and the answer to that is "No, but that's where it all started."
Guess we all have these little quirky things about stuff like that, don't we?

Jai Joshi said...

JJJ - the Junior Jumping Jacks? I don't know, I've got impossible initials.


Tim said...

Interesting observations! My initials could be Texas Public Radio or Total Physical Response among other things. I googled my initials.

ElizabethR said...

Hey! where'd my comment go?

My initials are ERE and are short for Ehr Royal Eighness! :)

I think the ladies wearing leopard and tiger leggins ten sizes too tight for em are well worth the watching. You just never know when that load is gonna blow and you can get footage of the resounding disaster for the local news on yer handy-dandy cell-phone. Who knows, it could even go viral!

LauraX said...

L ove
R ealize
H appiness

Deanna Schrayer said...

Oh yes, those people who wear tight clothes and quite obviously shouldn't....well, are disgusting, but at least they've apparently got the "I could care less what people think of me" attitude. Sadly, my MIL is one of those people. It is so embarrassing to go anywhere with her! But I love her.

My sisters and I used to get a kick out of our first name initials together - DTP=a vaccine. I don't know why we thought that was so funny...