June 16, 2011

Yard Cat

First I think it’s a female

Second it does not appear to be with kittens

Third kittens so better NOT show up

Forth the dang thing is growing on me

Fifth Beloved just named it – Merlotte*

Oh my dear internets what am I to do? The whole reason we have not had any pets for a couple of years is because we really enjoy just hopping in the car and going on road trips and vacations and junk like that. And as all of y’all that do have pets know…you just can’t take off when ever ya want.

Hey maybe I’ll get lucky and the freaky weird cat will leave of its own accord. Stop laughing and cut out that snickering too, IT could happen. So what kinda cat is this besides a lucky yard cat?

Remember I told ya it had deep blue eyes

*Um, the name Merlotte is from the HBO series True Blood, WE LOVE that show! Anywho Sam Merlotte (who is a shifter) owns the town bar (beer joint / lounge / restaurant) called Merlotte’s. It is pronounced Mer Lot, not Mur Low like the wine. And speaking of the friendly Vamps, Wares, Shifters & Fairies the new season (#4) is set to begin on June 26. So you know where I’ll be on that day at 8pm Central Standard Time. We talked (briefly) about having a bloody party, but No way am I sharing my sofa, Oreo Fudge Cremes OR Choco Tacos with a bunch of noisy people when the first episode of True Blood starts. I’m just saying.

EDIT : I know y'all better still be having commenting issues cause I would hate not like to think you are ignoring me or just don't care any more.


Brian Miller said...

how can you resist those eyes...better do something about the kitten possibility or you may have a yard full...

Daisy said...

What an unusual looking cat! Looks part Siamese and part something fluffier. HAHA! Looks to me like you have a new pet. :D

ElizabethR said...

That is one cool cat! I love the name too.
Most folk would've probably went with, Blue-eyes :)

Maybe y'all could get a travelling trunk for Merlotte and take her with you :)

80s Queen said...

She is beautiful. I love the name! I am addicted to that show and I am sooo addicted to The Vampire Diaries. I feel like a 15 year old, giddy teenager watching it. I have a Damon Salvatore screen saver and found myself looking at the merchandise ready to buy a mug and t-shirt! GASP!
We just got a new kitty too but he is a pound kitty. I wanted to name him Salvatore but my husband is jealous so I stuck with Mickey. ; )

LauraX said...

a very interesting coat on this kitty...and lovely blue eyes...I love our cats, but really, just one non-shedding dog would make me much happier (and we do have a poodle...and she LOVES her kitties, but really...all that fluff floating about and I'm allergic, but I couldn't say no to my girls way back when the also very LUCKY cats took up residence...oh well)

Deanna Schrayer said...

Oh yes, I know exactly what you mean Paige. We have a dog and a cat but can't possibly take them with us on trips so we have to kennel the dog - he's 150 pounds so no one wants to take care of him, (though he's really very nice not mean at all), and our neighbor makes sure the cat has food and water. Even so, when we get back from a trip she, (the cat, not the neighbor), follows me around biting my ankles to show how much she appreciates me leaving her for a week or even a couple days.
Merlotte is adorable! Hope she brings you lots and lots of love!