April 27, 2011

Lazy ol' Moi

And the winner from my 3rd April blog post give a way is Deanna. Tadah you made it, errr your ID/name made it outta the hat and into the winners circle. You are one lucky Chicka! The angels are really liking you these days. So tell moi what's up with that?

Oh and this is y'alls last chance to enter my April Give A Ways, by commenting on this very post to win my 4th and final give a way for the Poem A Day month of April. The winner will be announced at my next posting 4 days from now…that would be May 1st

Okay so I’m taking the lazy way out Post for today, I’m asking that y’all visit some of my dear internets


Left Brain Write

A River of Stones

Be Kind

Terry Taylor

Brain Droppings

Oh, don't forget to comment so you will be entered in my Last April Give a Way! and let me know if any of my dear internets are your dear internets too.


Deanna Schrayer said...

WOO-HOO! I win, I win! Thank you so much dear heart! This is odd, I'm usually not lucky at all, must be you're rubbing off on me...or something? In any case, I'll take that luck and run with it

Yes, a few of your dear internets are my dear internets too - Linda, Laurita, and more, I just love 'em!

Thank you for making my day Paige!

Jeni said...

Just to let you know -Maya and Kurtis really do love playing in the mud and muck around the house. No accounting for taste in small children, is there? And yes indeed, both of them have grown like really bad weeds too! Both very tall for their age. Kurt is very, very slim -no behind on him at all -and Maya is slim-ish but firmly packed, quite solid! And definitely both of them are quite the little characters too who provide hours and hours of entertainment along with a few meltdowns tossed in for good measure.

Brian Miller said...

hey congrats to the winner and thanks for the intro to your peeps...

Jamie Lynn said...

Some are closer than you might think.

Linda said...

Yay Deanna! And yep, I love your peeps, too ;^)

And jeesh, my birthday is coming up, lalalalala, like before May 1 lalalalala ;^) Peace...

Snaggle Tooth said...

Congrats Deanna!

You sure are giving away alotta stuff this month! i already got a cool apron... n I need it cause I do alotta messy stuff!
I visit links from here alot. Depends on hoew much time I have. You have some very nifty Dear Internets!

Jai Joshi said...

Paige, I love all this spring generosity!


ElizabethR said...

Thanks for the lovely gifts. They are beautiful. I have the dream catcher hanging from my desk-lamp and I don't think I'm ever going to send out the handmade card. I love brushing my hand over its surface :)

Georganna Hancock M.S. said...

What contest?
What prizes?
What entry?

Is anyone else here having difficulty following along? I feel so stupid, heaven forfend I shoud feel alone, too!