April 23, 2011


Luffa Bed - they are starting to pop UP

I want to share some of my work from this month. Yes with y’all my dear internets. I must say that I have been struggling with my writing “flowage” and junk like that. So without further a dodo here we go

From April 2 prompt Write a post card poem- short & personal

Post Card

It’s spring here
Hot, Humid
Pollen infused air
Hope you join me

From April 6 prompt Write using the phrase “Don’t ___ (blank), ___(blank)

Don’t Stare, blink

The paint will dry
The pot will boil
The grass will grow and
The view will change
Plus your eyes won’t dry out

Oh I know they both have to do with dry eyes. Why you do see it don’t you? Come on… the 1st one is about pollen (allergy eyes) and the 2nd one is more specific. See it! Duh, it’s not so funny if I have to splain it to y’all.

Never mind.

So did I mention that commenting on this post will get your ID, name if you will, in my 3rd drawing for the month of April. Even if you have already won you still stand a chance of winning. Well that is of course IF you comment. Yes tweeting counts extra, that’s right EXTRA and will get you (err your name) in the hat. O-lay doing a hat dance. Fair warning I’m running outta give a ways and the month is running out of days, sorta like a wrist watch that you forgot to wind. No, silly not wind as in blowing wind…but wind as in the road or the watch.

Now 1-2-3 everybody Leave your Comment NOW, no really…get ready…get set…COMMENT. Gs what ya waiting fer alread?

PS Happy Easter Weekend y'all...


Brian Miller said...

smiles. i think your flowage is fine..just write....have a wonderful weekend

Daisy said...

I like your poems, Paige, especially the second half. Happy Easter to you! :)

LauraX said...

quite enjoyable...well not dry eyes...but your poems!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Olay! Da dant, Da dant, Da dant''
I learned the Mexicano Sombero Dance when I was in Dance class at the age of tres anos! (3 yrs). Really- They made us do the twist too... ouch- still feel that-

You don't wind da watches nowadays, ya get new batteries.

Happy Easter!

Deanna Schrayer said...

Oh do I know about those allergies! I wish I didn't, but it's nice to have a friend who can relate.

I can personally attest (sp?) that the loofahs are marvelous - thanks Paige!

Jai Joshi said...

Allergies was the first thing I thought of when I read the first poem. Not because I have allergies but because I'm so used to talking to people who do.

I haven't been around the blogosphere much and I've missed you. Hope you've been well.


Blue Bunny said...

deeriest page in a book,

my eyes gets dry sumtimes too wen i stares so i puts dropps in them, mostlee vizeen and sumtimes my jannies beers.

i like yor poems!!!

wit love from me.



happee eastir

Linda said...

Thanks for sharing your poems here. Like both, the postcard one so true where I love (sneeze). I'm poeming as well, been a tough challenge for me this year. Peace...

Tim said...

Hope you had a great Easter!

Bee said...

I super puffy heart <3 (with symbols even) your prose and deliciously wicked pen.

The question is: Could it be a wicked keyboard or just an evil keyboard. And do we still call it a pen or do we have to quote "pen" because we don't really use a pen online. So, I would say you have a wicked keyboard and then, if it is ergonomic, do I have to point that out as well to still retain ultimate wickedness in a non-wicked-evil sort of way?

Further, if it's a keyboard, does that diminish any of the deliciousness and/or wickedness even though we all know I am not implying the level of wickedness and/or evilness as writing pertains to you. I also doubt that you or anyone would consider eating a keyboard, pen, prose, or otherwise, so the deliciousness would have to pertain strickly in an adverbial capacity even though I'm fairly certain that adverbial is not a word (let's just pretend). I would further accomplish the description of your sharp wit, as if bringing to light that you are indeed "wicked sharp" in mental thought and nothing like the conglomerate mess of synaptic misfiring proportions that I have bestowed upon your comment section.

One must make up for lost comments, my dear. :) Happy Belated Easter.

... Paige said...

to put it simply

Y'all, my dear internets,


and I mean that. Have I ever told y'all that we really like rocks?