October 20, 2010

Here we go again...

Oh sorry if you said you didn’t like this weird Virtual Museum Tour of mine, cause as I said in the first post of this tour…I wrote this and pre-posted it. That means in advance my dear internets. For this creepy month of October. Have I ever told y’all that Beloved and I were married this month? Yeah well we were and we are celebrating our 8th honeymoon! No I don’t know what we are doing, Duh! Pre-written, pre-posted. Remember? Part 1 is here and part 2 is here.

Warning, if you have suffered a recent loss of a loved one you may want to NOT participate in this Virtual Museum Tour. Gosh I hope I’m still with us.

Okay {cue some religious music}

We are now entering the Pope section of the museum. Yes this is much larger than I had thought too. Come on stay together now.

These are recreations, NOT the real thang people. Yeah, I seems a little unfair that this is the only religious sect in the museum, but what are we to do?

Yes this is a trick of the camera and reflections and my total awesome photographer’s eye.

Please remember these are fake exhibits. What I mean is the exhibits are real just the scenes are reproductions.

Okay here we are back to the regular death stuff. No as far as I know NO real bodies have occupied any of the boxes. That’s just creepy to think, Dorriane.

Here are some custom made coffins. Pretty cool huh? If you could have one, what would you want?

Here is an exhibit of ethnic origins.

A room scene that shows some of the customary symbolisms in celebration of Day of the Dead.

And here is a Japanese Hearse from 1972; the roof is copper and the painting was done by hand. Cool way to travel from death bead, to temple to crematorium.

Lookie inside

That’s enough for this visit. And next time some of our Presidents are passed on. No it’s true. Hope to see ya then.


Jai Joshi said...

That Japanese one is cool. If you're gonna go then might as well go in style.


Blue Bunny said...

if i was to haz a kustim koffin, pleze tels my jannie to maeks it a karrit, of korse!

i so sleepie, page, i going bak to bedd.


wel, ferst i reed your next post, then to bedd.


Daisy said...

Wow, some of those custom made coffins are pretty wild. I think I'd rather be cremated and have my ashes spread over a garden to make the flowers grow. :-)

HA HA HA! My word verification for this comment is "counts." Count Dracula and some other Count, I guess. ;)

ElizabethR said...

Got to love those custom coffins Paige :)

BTW Did I ever share that my first job out of school (15 years old) was in a factory that made Shrouds and Coffin Linings? I sewed pretty ribbons along the front of the shrouds. :)

Jennifer Strauss-Myers said...

Paige,'re just brilliant!


desk49 said...

way to much cash when all you need is a simple box.

Deanna Schrayer said...

You are such a brilliant photographer Paige! How spooky that candle lighting the dead body is and is that body on an ironing board?

I reckon if I had a custom coffin they'd have to dig a Big hole because I'd like to be buried in the sun, then pray I didn't wake up in the actual sun, burning to another death and thinking I'm in Hades!

Thanks so much for sharing this lovely tour with us!

Dapoppins said...

Sweety, your tour is such a hoot, I am going to link to it. I was wondering if I could use one of your pictures to advertise the awesome fun of your tour? I would like to post the one of the black carriage (earlier tour)above the post blub about your blog and tour....

ElizabethR said...

BTW, Happy anniversary! Hope you both get what you would like and hope it's something you both like together :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Happy Aniversary Beloved n Paige!

Wow, you really got alot of pics in there!

custom Coffins-
Look at the chicken!

One like a submarine with an automated periscope coming up would be amusing...

Maybe we could get a cool, shiny, violet-blue one?