October 4, 2010

Are you ready?

October, the month of All Hollows Eve and to celebrate I’m doing a virtual museum tour for you, yes just for you my dear internets. Now for a warning – those of you who may have suffered a recent loss (death of a loved one) may not want to partake of this peculiar tour. Umm with that said I hope I haven’t either, beings how I’m pre writing this and pre posting it too boot. OH and this is photo rich.

{cue your typical car riding music, just whatever you like} Holler when you see 415 Barren Springs Drive, spooky street name…oooo barren oooo 415. Ah here we are, let’s park. Now everybody grab the person next to you, we are going to use the buddy system. Dapoppins! Hold your buddy’s hand or arm, NO pinching! Lucky for y’all I paid the entrance fee so you don’t have too. Not to worry I’m not gonna show you everything in case you decide you want to go all the way to Houston Texas so you can see this first hand for yourselves.

{cue creepy opera type music}

Everyone please watch your step, I don’t want any broken hips or bones (Lil’ Kelly) on my Virtual Tour. Please stay together and don’t lose your buddy.

Yes Aunt Amelia we will visit the gift shop, but not till we are finished, then we will shop on the way out. Now here we can see a lovely display in honor of our Police.

Hey check out this Hearse.

Did you see inside?

Look in this one…Boo! Don’t fall in. hahaha lol and chuckle

Here’s an old fashioned Hearse, Hey who let the horses loose? Georganna that is not funny! Okay so maybe it was, now put them back.

Now this one is creepy. A glass box sorta like the one Sleeping Beauty was "sleeping" {wink} in.

Stop making that creepy noise back there, this IS a museum ya know. Hey I said…umm, what, err who is that?

Great! That’s just great, it made me pee a little. Tour's over for today. What you want more? Okay so we’ll pick up next time right about here. Come on make sure you have your buddy we are all going to the restroom. Ah shut up, you know you peed a little too, humph.


Jeni said...

Veddy interesting - as Arte Johnson would have said on Laugh-in.

Georganna Hancock M.S. said...

Who? Me? Nah! I woulda let the dogs out!

I think you've outdone yourself with this visual spread. I must admit seeing the open coffin inside the hearse gave me a [regurgitation sounds] moment.

You'd think someone preparing an art journal on death would be more insensitive. Uh, that didn't come out right, did it; but I can't fix it.

Daisy said...

Oh my goodness! That last photo is really creepy! Must have been quite a tour.

Jai Joshi said...

Morbid! The sleeping beauty coffin totally creeped me out.


Laura said...

Hi sweetie have a surprise waiting for you at my blog :)

Roland D. Yeomans said...

What a virtual tour. I wonder what archaeologists of some distant future would make of fragments of this museum?

KarenG said...

Paige, you're so funny! I'm glad you came to my blog and commented so I could find you! This is a great tour for October. Very ghoulish.

Rachna Chhabria said...

Hi Paige...thanks for this virtual tour. It was very interesting, but slightly creepy.

And thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment on my blog.


Jackee said...

How interesting! And you're right--very fitting for the month.

Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting my blog so that I could find yours!


Snaggle Tooth said...

Perfect halloween time tour!
Like the pretty Hearse! Did you ever see "Harold n Maude" the movie full of Cat Stevens music in the '70s?-

This doesn't creep me out as bad as hearing folks walking around the old house when no one else was awake while I was BBsitting tonight! (really-) I checked 3 times! Creaky floors too-

Deanna Schrayer said...

Thanks so much for the fun, creepy tour Paige! I'd love to go to Houston and see this in person, (actually, I'd love to stay put and have the museum come to me, considering I don't travel well).
That last photo, of the, um woman? is spooky!

Jannie Funster said...

Creepy, yes but really cool! I like the olde wrought iron hearse.

That glass box, whoa. I guess that was for the Extra Rich?


Dapoppins said...

OH, I am so jealous. I would love to visit that museum with you! And that carriage hearse! That is what I want all when I pass! With singers "When the saints go marching home" of course, and lovely black horses. But then, I wouldn't be alive to see it and that would be so sad.

Laurita said...

Love that old-timey hearse. Thanks for the tour.