August 1, 2010

Want my 2 cents?

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Okay so this is a post of silly photos. Shots I took and just couldn’t quite come up with something smart a$$ed to say about ‘em.

First there is the view of brand new pennies- pretty faux copper like metal. Copper is very expensive and so it has been watered down, if you will, with some other kinds of metal to make the “real” copper go further without costing so much. Like the fact that it is more valuable as metal than as a penny, just saying.

Okay now this is nice shot of some air and water, nice things for everyone to have…in case of emergency of course.
And here is the shot of some background papers I did using a mono print with Plexiglas technique. Kinda cool and easy to do. Just brush your acrylic paint on the glass and then lay your paper on top and brayer it a bit.

This is a shot of the Nielsen survey we got in the mail that I was gonna post and tell you all about us being this big fancy Nielsen family and junk, but I guess we just didn’t pass the addition. Yes the 2 dollars was for filling out the paperwork but WhateEVER happens, happens.

Alright that brings us to the last shot, this was a store I saw in a stripe center in Spring Texas and I said hey what a neat name, let’s go in and see what kind of junk they have. Ah well I suppose it was not such a good name after all cause all it was, was just a name on a closed and empty store.

What sort of stuff do you suppose they tried to sell? Maybe Bull horns, “grab the bull by the horns” OR violin strings (cat guts) OR hows about some priceless faux ivory. What do you think?

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Alan W. Davidson said...

Photo-posts are good to do once in a while. You know the 'covers' or music send offs you buy by no-name artists of big-name groups? I'm thinking the Bizarre Bazaar would sell covers and send offs of those no name bands. Yep, very dollar store stuff...

desk49 said...

I think you had it right
Here is my 2 cents worth
That face value only

All guess please remember to only use
the air and water stations we have Provided
while outside the compounds of your cabin

A third and fourth grade acrylic paper print art class

How many Survey’s do you have to fill out for the two dollars?

Main Entry:ba£zaar
Etymology:Persian b*z*r
1 : a market (as in the Middle East) consisting of rows of shops or stalls selling miscellaneous goods
2 a : a place for the sale of goods b : DEPARTMENT STORE
3 : a fair for the sale of articles especially for charitable purposes

Is that not an indoor flea market?

elizabethre said...
Desk49, Could you repeat that, I'm not quite sure I'm following!
On the last follow, follower, followed, follows thing I posted.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I do love this picture collection!
The sign is a riot-
Never thought of brayer monoprinting... Got plexiglas, paint n a brayer- need ideas n time-
Already got about 20 oil bgs waiting for unicorns waiting around...
Made 2 monoprints with ink on a press in college- with sharks n shipwreck theme- someday I'll get big enough frames.
So many projects- so little free time!

Liara Covert said...

Interesting to notice the variety of items put up for sale on ebay. Goes to show people buy and sell virtually anything.

sheila said...

I'd definitely check out the bizarre bazaar! lol. And I know I just saw those pennies not long ago for the first time...they're kinda neat and I didn't know about the faux copper though, that's neat!

teahouse said...

Those pennies look so strange!

And air and water are God's gift to us!

Dapoppins said...

Love your papers, they look almost marbled, but I think I need a closer look at the cards you made with them

Too bad that store closed. Looks like someplace I would like to poke around.

Anonymous said...

Paige, a reply I posted to another of your posts is here. I can't figure out how that happened?

Loved the store name :)
Elizabeth (ramblings)

... Paige said...

It's crazy Eliza, how tech-no goes, err doesn't go

... Paige said...

IS it considered spamming when one leaves more than one comment on one's own blog?

I think not :-)

Listen to this Me, I was just over at the Funster's visiting the button links she has in her side bar and low and behold, there I was. So I couldn't miss out on leaving a comment for Me, err us :-)

Lynn said...

Done. I'm a follower.

Just out of curiosity I googled Bizarre Bazaar:

Adult novelties and "smoking" paraphenalia. :)

Jai Joshi said...

Love a pics post, Paige. Which reminds me, I need to post some pics...

The pennies always make me uneasy to look at them. Did you know that it's a crime to melt down US pennies because the value of the metal is more that 1cent?


Deanna Schrayer said...

Paige, I just love your crazya$$ posts. These pics and your thoughts of them are priceless (pun intended).

My son started collecting coins and silver a couple months ago and I'm amazed at all he's found in our house that's actually worth something. For instance, I have a huge "memory" box that contains...a lot of junk. He dug through it and found a 1925 silver dollar. He asked me if he could have it. Well sure, said I, it's only a dollar. A few minutes later he comes to tell me he investigated and discovered the silver dollar is worth $350. Say what?! Meanwhile, he's hitting flea markets and buying up silver like it's going out of style. One day it will and he'll be rich. He's already made double what he spent by selling a couple silver bars on EBay. The boy, 13 years old, is an enterprising genius.

Sorry for the long reply - should just do my own post. :)

Estrella Azul said...

This was a nice post, love that Bizarre Bazaar :)
You've made me remember to take my silly photos one time and add them all up in a post.