July 12, 2010

Just full of it

ya don't say. A Blog of Substance title has been bestowed upon moi by Sheila who is by the way just full of it too, speaking of her cool products which you can find here. Was too. Thanks so much, unless this means full of malarkey, even so thanks so much.

Receiving this award comes with some customary rules which I will list below, but one of the unique rules is to sum up my blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience in 5 words. So, my 5 words are

Crazy a$$
Crazy a$$ed
Crazy a$$edness
Sincerity, no really that’s just a rumor

And yes all that is because of you my dear internets. Now I need to give it to ten people and they are supposed to state the rules and link back to the giver (that would be moi) and then pass it on to ten of their dear internets. I hate this part, no not passing it on of course, but the choosing part and the award goes to…. (but first this interuption don't just glance at the list and run, keep reading) pretty please and thank you

Left Brain Write
Exit Stage Right
Shine the Devine
Deanna's Blog
Finding the Write Moment
Teahouse Blossom
Elizabeth's Ramblings
Jai Joshi's Tulsi Tree
A Writer's Point of View
Dorriane Darden
Powder Burns & Bullets
So what if I added one or two to grow on, since when have you known me to totally stick to rules and for that very reason if you think I have slighted you please feel free to grab this award and protest the slight on your blog. I double dog dare you.

Any Publicity as they as is good publicity. Do you agree or disagree? that is the question


Laura said...

awwww, thanks paige. I don't know why you keep sending these awards out to lil' old me, I really don't, but I totally appreciate it!!!! What a delightful surprise to find in my in box the day I return from vacation and open my macbook for the first time since we left!


Jai Joshi said...

Thanks Paige! I'm blushing with pleasure. You're a doll!


Stacy Post said...

Thanks, darling! How nice!

Deanna Schrayer said...

You think I got substance Paige? Aw, I'm honored. Thank you so much!
It'll take me a while to reciprocate - three more working days till vacation! But I'll get there.

Thank you again! :)

Linda said...

Why thank you kindly, fellow lady of substance! I'm in great company here, and feel very honored. but substance? Me? My little blog?

Nice treat to come home to tonight after work. I'll pass it along once I figure out my 5 words and my 10 lucky recipients. Peace...

elizabethre said...

Thanks Paige for the substantial award. I will try to do it justice :)

And yes, I agree publicty is public.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Today I'm full of Water...
What was the question?
- Substance abuse?
(--- no comment!)

Oh my blog is full of hard stuff! I guess, pics, reality, alias nouns... non-fictional poetry n tales of my experience- what more do you need???

Of course Publicity is good-
But I will NOT- kill for it, ok?

Thanks for the nifty cool award!!!
Back to to nifty cool water...

80s Queen said...

Ewww, thanks Paige. I've never been accused of being full of substance before....chocolate cake maybe.

Jannie Funster said...

Any publicity of YOURS is good indeed, for you are the sincerest of all bloggers I know, crazya$$edness included.


Dorraine said...

Congrats, sweets! And thank ye so much for the cool award!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Very well deserved, Paige.