July 8, 2010

Crazy A$$edness Kitchen

Oh my goodness have we come a long way or what!

I know I’ve been very lazy busy with this life of leisure and not shown you how it looks at our house these days. First let me ask you to over look the fact that I have not made any curtains as of yet. I have a good excuse reason, no really I do. The studio is still sorta messed up with junk precious items from the house and I have been painting and doing mixed media-art journaling. In my spare time of course. So’s any ways here is a photo rich post…

I don’t know what that spot is behind the chair, must have been some kinda camera thang or maybe one of my in-laws’ ghost. Oh, speaking of, when our son came over with his girlfriend we took some photos of the “in love” couple and my father in law {deceased} showed up. Glowing large and just beaming over my son’s shoulder from the happy news. What? I didn’t tell you? Gonna have a baby this fall. Must stop dallying and make a baby quilt. I think it’s gonna be a girl.


And my Beloved is such a pubescent boy at times, he thinks I picked out these light fixtures to remind him of my breasts when he is in or looking at the kitchen. Said it was comforting, like being hugged or something sexual like that (use your imagination). He is such a crazy a$$.

I wonder if I’ll be able to get him to change the light bulbs when they need it. Yeah, guess I’m a bit of a crazy a$$ too. But y’all already suspected that or maybe I’ve mentioned it a time or two before.

Now what kind of crazy a$$edness would you like to share with me, my dear internets? OR do you just want to compliment me (feel free to rave on and on) about the dust freeness of my floors?


Jeni said...

Oh that was nice of blogger -to zap the comment I was writing before I got finished with it. That, after it took me almost 5 minutes of my very valuable time to just get the comment box to even open up! GRRRR.
Anyway -I really liked the house pictures -very clean, crisp lines. And as to the curtains, would you believe I have lived in this house now from close to 30 years and have not put any curtains up in my kitchen yet? Nope! I didn't care for the ones my Mom had in the kitchen and took them down when the kids and I moved in and never got around to putting any other ones up! I had new windows put in back in 1991 and really don't think curtains would do well with the newer windows anyway.
And, congrats on the new baby on the way too! Yay, yay, Paige is gonna be a grandma! Get cracking on that quilt now, will ya, so you can show it to all of us when it's finished too!

Jen said...

How fantastic! I love the pictures, what a gorgeous kitchen *hides jealousy*

Congratulations on your baby! What an exciting time!!

Stephen said...

The house looks great. You've done a fine job. Congrats on the new baby. Now it's your turn to spoil them and send them home. :)

Anonymous said...

Paige, I love your blog. Your craziness is infectious :)
and I like that. Your kitchen looks wonderful and your floors!!! awesome! the wall lights? Kinda creepy :) They look like alien eyes Ha-ha. But I'm sure in the grand decorating scheme they are gorgeous.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Paige .. completely bombed me out .. and my patience for my typing let alone being bombed out .. aint' good!! .. especially when the apoostrophe ends up in the wrong place .. let alone ooos ..

So good kitchen, delighted you're going to be a grandma & pleased your dad saw them before he passed on ..

Bye .. Hilary

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Since my floors are not dust-less... Nope, I'm not gonna' give you one teesnsy little compliment on the dust-less-ness of yours. -Harrrrumph-


Jannie Funster said...

Paige!! I am loving this post.

Oh your roosters!! So awesome, quirky and cute. You paint that clock painting?

And that writing desk!! I SO WANT that desk. :) But I am glad YOU have it, for you are deserving of very fine things.

Ooo, I like your flowery mug!

Wait, I think I just saw a speck of dust near the sofa.

Nice bamboo!

And man, your boobs are far apart. I had NO idea. :)

Actually I LOVE those lights. We installed 2 just like that in our house last year, but in separate rooms, so one by itself Kelly has dubbed a "unaboob. I kid thee not. Or should that be "uniboob?"

Just LOVED this post.

All looks beautiful.

You are so artsy and stylish -- even without curtains.

I know what a journey it's been for you guys getting to this point.

Fireplace turned out way way cool with that glass.


Cool baby news!

Jannie Funster said...

Oh, the rifle rocks.

And I LOVE the bowl under the table idea. Table is gorgeous.

Well done!


sheila said...

OMG, LOL on the lights! ha ha ha! Looks great Paige! Very clean and simple!

Dorraine said...

Where did you get those light fixtures, gurl??

Glad you have all that loveliness to relax in. Congrats on the baby news. How fun!

Zephra said...

The boob lights. Lol. I bet he will love changing those. I love everything about your kitchen. Fom a professional point of view, you made very good choices. From a personal standpoint, very pretty! Congrats about the baby news. Better start on the quilt.

desk49 said...

no bulbs he might change
but finger prints leave
The picture of your
in-laws ghost
post so we can see
PLEASE <-- Big please

Deanna Schrayer said...

The gleaminess of everything was the first thing I noticed Paige. How jealous I am! Your house makes mine look like some pack-rat grandma lives here...oh, wait....

How cool that your f-i-l showed up in that picture! You've got to post it so we can see. And congratulations on the new wee one! What fun!

... Paige said...

I suppose now that I brought up the Orb, I will have to post it...maybe even this year :-o

I hope y'all know I spent 2 hours spiffing the place up before I snapped the photos

Fingerprints, yes I just noticed some the other day, hum

Daisy said...

Hello! Thank you for stopping by to visit my blog today and becoming a follower. Nice to meet you! :)

Your home looks lovely! Congratulations on a new baby on the way! What exciting news! Hope you have a great week ahead.

TALON said...

Congratulations on the baby! How exciting! Your life and your hubby's will never be the same (but that's a good thing).

I am totally jealous of your gleaming dust-free floors. How do you do it?? And if you tell me you have pets, I'm going to be even MORE jealous!

The house looks lovely! And the orb looks lovely too :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Great pics, n I must say your home has come along way baby! Wish mine was that new n spiffy!

I just love it when the spirits show up in photos- I have no doubt they are watching, so I'm really not talking to myself- right?

I have an unbelievable collection of orb-y-faces myself!

Congrats on the expected addition- wow! That'll keep ya busy-

"Adult lamps"!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Ha ha ha
Jannie "uniboob?"