May 21, 2010

Yum lil' cakes

Okay, so what if I’ve dreamed of these little things, literally had a dream wherein I was eating these snack cakes. Lil' Debbie calls them Swiss Rolls and Hostess says they are HoHos. Anyways they are a thin light delicate chocolate cake rolled up with yummy sweat white frosting / icing cream sort of stuff. Oh my goodness the HEB brand has really sweet stuff inside, and I ate a whole box all by myself!

Not in the same day, don’t be silly it took me 2 days. What!, stop looking at me like that. Yeah I can feel your judgmental eyes penetrating my screen. Stop it! If you think about it, ah come on think about it, it’s not such a bad diet. I mean eating a little yummy cake 3 times a day is less calories than a full meal. NO really it is. Besides it may make up for all the weight I lost doing yard work. You believe me, right? I know you do and I’m sure Beloved will too and we all know that’s all that matters.

Speaking of my dear Beloved, we had a Birthday Party for his 50th. Hole - E - Mole - E can you believe he is 50 years old? That is what, half a century and he says he is now closer to 100 than 1. The really weird part is that I’ll be that young too on my next birthday, but I’ll just tell everyone I’m 39. Well I can’t be 29 any more my daughter is over 30 and that would just be wrong. Okay so maybe not, but after the box of Swiss Rolls I’m feeling a little wiser.

Now tell me your food confession(s), make it outrageous and don't worry I and all my dear internets shall commiserate with you... Binger? Grazer? 3 Squarers? Starver? What’s your action?

PS why is it called 3 square meals when we learned in grade school that a square has 4 sides?

FTC Disclaimer: I received no compensation of any sort for my opions here


Stacy Post said...

I have to say I haven't had a Swiss roll in a long time...because they ARE so addictive! And cheap! A double-whammy to any diet. Great topic, Paige! Maybe one of your characters could have secret food issues? Something to consider?

Laurita said...

No judgment here. It's icing, wrapped in chocolate, covered in more chocolte. What's not to love. I don't know if I would have lasted two days so I admire your resolve. :)

J. M. Strother said...

Stop that! I have a real weakness for Swiss Cake Rolls. Ho Ho's are but a cheep imitation. Now I'll have to go out and buy a box.

Jeni said...

Chocolate, candies, cookies, pie -any of those can and are my main staples at times -depends on my mood I guess.
BTW -got the new camera -put the wristband on it too -right after I put the battery in and then, the memory card from the old camera! LOL

Snaggle Tooth said...

Back when I still ate insti-food containing "High Frustose Corn Syrup" I used to like "Ring Dings" Then Drakes bought them n changed the cake. Never mind- Those rolls sound yummy!
We have a Nisson bakery oulet really cheap here for that stuff. N Creme horns, then chocolte eclairs! ooo Been years-
Now I work at a bakery. After work had a blueberry Muffin- then casserole. I'm stuffed! no room for chocolate...

Deanna Schrayer said...

You sure won't hear any judgement from me Paige - Swiss cake rolls are a staple in my house. If I find we don't have any I actually freak out and race to the store!

Important information: to stay "in shape", (whatever shape you prefer I reckon), you're supposed to eat about 6 meals a day, not 3 - they should be small enough that you feel satisfied, but not full, when you stop eating. If you do that, and don't have any medical issues to contend with, (ha, if only we could be so lucky), you can eat about anything you want.
I studied to be a nutritionist, so I know.

Now, where's that Swiss cake roll?

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Guilty pleasures. -sigh- They are but a memory now... With all my gut issues. ,-)

I don't have a set way of eating daily. Try for a kind of balanced 3 meals I guess. Seems that my gut is happier, with this plan.

Linda said...

My hubbers LOVES SCR. LOVES them! We buy them rarely though -- too addicting.

My personal yen is ice cream. In college, I used to go with a bunch of my suite mates to Kroger with a spoon in one hand, wad of cash in the other. We'd each pick out a half-gallon (back then, Breyers butter pecan -- did you know all the nuts are in the corners?), bring them back to the form, and eat the whole thing. Great de-stresser.

Happy bday to yours. I am close approaching 50 years young myself. Peace, Linda

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Very tasty!!!

Jannie Funster said...

My only judgement is yu didn't send me a box. :0

Me, OMG -- I LOVE to eat only the chocolate / peanut part and the cone of a drumstick, I leave the ice cream.

And I LOVE fried baloney on my vanilla ice cream.

Well... you asked!!




teahouse said...

Those Little Debbies were good, but I never liked sweets much as a kid. As an adult, I once bought a pint container of lump crabmeat, grabbed a fork and ate the whole thing while sitting in front of the tv!

Liara Covert said...

Nothing quite like the impact of chocolate on mind-body and spirit. Deep, dark delight awakens something most extraordinary inside the soul. Its beyond words.

Dorraine said...

Happy 50th to hubby! As far as sweets, my tooth is always in high gear. I love to bake, but try not to. I also love to eat what I bake. My big weakness is chocolate Hostess Cupcakes. We go way back!

sheila said...

first let me just say that your comment at my place had me laughing pretty good! ha ha!

Now on to the good stuff! I love LOVE LOVE Ho-Hos!!!! I'll eat little debbies in a pinch. BUT I recently discovered at Aldi's....boxes of yummy and nice sized Frosty Delights! They are more like a hostess cupcake (sorta...or a Ding Dong) 12 for $1.99 OMG. Heaven!

Jen said...

Swiss rolls are delicious!

I go through phases, gummies, rice krispies, cupcakes, oh lord I love it all! This made me want a snack and I'm at work and don't have access now... I think I might just go crazy!!!

Haha I never thought about the 3 square meals really sounding that ridiculous. I think we should have 4 square meals a day so I think we should start it today!

Dapoppins said...

Food confessions? I had my honey go get gas today just so he could stop on the way home and pick up that double meat chicken sandwich thing from KFC and I really like those, but this one was really salty and not as good as the first three I had and I may not like them any more and after that, I opened a package of cookies...oh my.