May 26, 2010

Money is "GREEN"

I recently hear a rumor. Of course some of you may know this already, as I’ve been known to be behind the times on some things. So the rumor I heard is that here in Texas, grocery stores and I thereby assume all stores, that use those little plastic bags are going to start charging for said bags. Upwards of 49 cents; I know outrageous! cause that is what I thought. My source said its true they (you know them) are already charging for the bags in other countries and some areas of some States. I understand that California Wal Marts are charging. Also after they started doing that the price of the “green” bags went up. Which had been my first thought…well I’ll just pick up some canvas bags before the price goes up.

From what I understand a tax has been suggested on these handy dandy disposable bags and that my dear internets is enough of a threat to start retailers charging for them. I had some canvas bags at one time (think 80’s) for groceries, but they were too narrow, so I started using them for other things. Yes I have seen the new ones, but hey I’m an average American and have always felt that I already pay for them. Hey after all they (yes them again) increase product / item prices when the Stock Shortage ratings go up. Okay for any of you non retail job holding people, Stock Shortage is what it’s called when a store has missing products / items, y’all know when stupid people shop lift, borrow, pick up a 5 finger discount from stores. We all pay for it in higher prices and now, well now it’s beginning to look like we will be paying for all those loverly plastic bags that litter the sides of roads and dangle in trees or get sweep up by barbed wire fences.

Well we’re no dummies, no sirree, we all know they (who ever they are) have invented biodegradable bags, so why don’t they (you know) make stores use this kind then it wouldn’t be a issue. Surely those type of bags are no more expensive and thereby too costly for the bottom line. But I tell you dear internets perhaps bio-bags are an option for house hold trash. Speaking of which they have got to be bad, I mean they are built stronger so as not to break and spill yuck on your floors so they (bags) must be too strong to pop open in the landfills and hinder the breakdown of all our garbage. Just saying.

Personally I use those handy little bags for transporting more than groceries and stuff from the gettin stores. They (plastic bags not them) make purdy good totes for wet bathing suits and little trash can liners and for overnight bags in case a grandchild spends the night over here. Now back to the rumor…y’all know we do “green” junk around here, but it’s not because we are “green” people it is because it saves us money (that kind of green) So I’m gonna pick up or make some of those green bags. They (bags) may not actually be the color green, but I will only pay for them once and have ‘em till they wear out, a little like this rumor post.

Are you already paying for lil’ plastic bags? Are you already using the “green” bags? Do you think I’m just a crazy A$$ spreading rumors?


Jen said...

Our supermarkets are not charing for bags, as of yet. Since I live here in Houston it's something I will start to keep a look out for. If we need to we'll stock up on reusable bags before the prices go up, we already have a couple in tow for when we walk to the store.

Gosh what is this world coming too? We are all free and yet we pay for everything... Hmmm

Laurita said...

This is an interesting post.

They started charging for plastic bags here a year ago but just recently some of the major grocery stores have dropped the fee saying they surpassed their goals. Still you see more people shopping with re-usable bags than not.

Personally, I'd rather use the large reusable bags. They hold more stuff, and they can be used for everything. Very handy.

Jannette Johnson said...

They charge for bags here, only 5 cents per bag though. We have a pile of re-useable bags. I find they hold more and last longer. Occasionally, we forget to bring them when we go shopping, so we have to pay for bags. I just use them when I clean out the litter bos. :D

Jeni said...

I saw something not too terribly long ago on the news about these grocery (i.e. plastic) bags and that there were going to be fees applied to them or they were going to stop using them, etc., etc. I don't mind getting some green bags to use for small orders, quick pick-ups, etc., but to get an adequate number of green bags to carry with you to the grocery store when you know you're going to be buying a big, big order is just ludicrous! (Well, in my opinion, it is anyway!) Plus, those bags the stores use for bagging groceries and stuff, we save them and re-use them in the bathroom and other small waste cans around the house. And for toting other things too from time to time as well. Can you imagine first off buying the requisite number of "green" bags even if they are "only" $2 a clip -for our large orders, we would have to have at least 20 to 25 of these bags -which would mean a cash outlay then of at least $40 to $50 just to head to the store! (Remember, those are minimal figures I'm using there so the expense may be a hell of a lot larger.) Anyway, not everyone has that kind of extra cash laying around to use to purchase things like that -even if they are multi-purpose and mega handy, reusable items it's still an expense that a whole lotta folks just can't withstand in their budgets today.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

We take our bunch of tote bags with us, to grocery store.

No pay for plastic [yet] but hate to have to deal with recycling it.

Stephen said...

Well, let me help you out there on the rumors, Paige. Last year, I read a story on how the British were considering a trash tax. By installing monitors on the trash cans, the government would then know how much trash each household had been generating. Too much trash? Well, here comes the tax. George Orwell is probably rolling over in his grave, you ask me. Just wait until the governments here in the USA start to suggest the same thing. On the canvas bags, we have a few. My wife bought them, thinking she would use them. I don't know that she's used them at all. However, faced with a surcharge (of course, that's what they'll call it instead of using the dreaded T-word) I'm sure my wife will start taking the canvas bags with her.

Bee Repartee said...

I'm SO with you. Green bags are good, but eliminating the problem of plastic bag decomposition is the key, yes? You hear of surcharges and pleading to stop using plastic (garbage bags are a necessity, no?)

Has mainstream media announced this breakthrough? I heard this in school/bio class and googled it. In 2008, a 16 year old student in a science fair isolated a plastic eating microbe. One that eats plastic.

I wonder if the 'surcharge' for plastic bags that these companies are pocketing will fund further research to help the environment. Probably not. Sadly not.

Zephra said...

I never remember to bring my reusable bags...I am screwed.

sheila said...

There's a place by me that charges a dime for each plastic bag. Maybe two stores all together that I know of.

Use the green bags. They hold a TON of stuff and you can even weigh them down more. They are awesome.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I always save n re-use those lil plasty baggies- for everything- Trash, clothes/drink toting to work, n have some saved up.
No I haven't been charged yet- Yes, I'd make some to use for the better size n handles if I needed to-

Karin Bartimole said...

no, you are right the rumor is true. at least in NY city it is. and of course you are also right - why shouldn't stores to be using the biodegradable plastic bags?? duh!! I didn't think of that - have just been using fabric bags myself for a few years now, and I buy biodegradable ones for garbage, but why shouldn't the stores share the responsibility? they helped create the problem to begin with... I have to admit, I have seen the biodegradable bags at a couple stores, but it's rare... Perhaps you ought to send a few letters to the editor to some major papers - you've made a thoughtful point!!
xo K

Deanna Schrayer said...

Well, this is the first I've heard of it, so obviously they aren't charging here yet, unless they are and I just haven't seen it on the receipt, (I rarely look at my receipts). This is absolutely outrageously absurd! I'm like you - I reuse the [plastic] bags for all manner of things, mainly trash bags for the bathroom, bedroom and office. But if they start charging I may be hollering at you to make a couple for me Paige. In fact, this could be a nice little entrepreneurship for you. Give that some thought why don't ya?

Thanks for the heads up!

Dapoppins said...

using those "green" bags will be one more thing I forget to take with me when I go to the store. Darn it.