November 23, 2009

Life in a Texas Town

One of my dear internets nominated me, yes moi, for the 2009 Weblog awards in the category best humor. This is so thrilling for me because I did not have to nominate myself so once again I shall ask that if I make it to the finals, and you know if I do I will tell you, then you yes all of you my dear most dearest internets shall cast your vote my way. That is if you think I qualify , but if not I'm sure that there will be at least one best humor blog you would be willing to vote for. In further weblog awards news our friend Jannie Funster was also nominated for Best Humor, Georganna of A Writer’s Edge for Best Literature, Dirty Footprints Studio for Best Video, Kind Over Matter for Best Web Gem, and don’t forget that I nominated myself for Best Blog. How’s about y’all, what news in your world?

And totally unrelated, just before the removal of my “Baby Barn” I was finally able to talk Beloved into taking me to see Big Ol’ Sam Houston in Huntsville. I mean really I have been past that giant statue a gazillion times... and every single time he looked like he was gonna step across the freeway. So anyways I've been to the artist studio in the Heights area of downtown Houston, David Adickes, which I posted about here. But what I really want to show you is a photo that my beloved took...

I know too funny huh? It's an optical illusion my dear internets, I really did not pick Big Ol’ Sam’s nose.

And this is a picture of some type of rose (I think) that I took in the park. Very pretty I thought

And now on to another unrelated topic Snaggletooth of Exit Stage Right in a post talked about a town where people were limited on the number of cats they could have. You know the one for which she received the Humane award, anyway I told her that in my town we could have any kind of animal, even within the city proper, other than pigs. I told her about the folks that had a donkey and to prove that fact I drove by to take a photograph...

Surprise, surprise and surprise one more time. They now own not one but three donkeys. How's that for a kick in the a$$? But also please note they got rid of the cow, well at least it’s not in the yard anymore. Now I know what y'all are thinking, everyone in Texas wears boots, cowboy hats, drives a truck, owns oil wells and cows. You do to, you so know you think that but my dear internets I do not, that is unless you count a ceramic cow or two.

And on to one last unrelated thing...So what kind of pie are you having at your house for Thanksgiving and are you gonna make your own whip cream or are you going to spoon it from a tub or squirt it from a can? It’s okay you can tell me, I’ll keep your secret all safe and sound in my comments.

Me I love Goode Co. Pecan Pie I know it's costly but I so need me some Goode Company


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

The-son-who-likes-to-bake is bringing a Strawberry Rhubarb pie and a Pumpkin Pie. What he wants with them, I don't know. But my choice would be to whip up fresh heavy cream, right before eating dessert.

Then of course, only 3 of the Grands can lick... 1) beater 2) beater 3) spoon. And we'll have 4 of the Grands here. But that's OK since the oldest is 17 and she'll not fight the littler ones, for them. -grin-

But ahemmmmmmmm... *Chicken*!!! Who? YOU! Covering your face in the pic! -cluck, cluck, cluck-

Yeah, I know. It's not nice to pick on people who've been having operations, is it? No, it's not.

But come on! Would that stop you? If you were picking on someone else? Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... You know it wouldn't. -evil grin-

Mmmm, now maybe I'd better get to ducking, running and hiding... After all that picking-on!


LOL---The Word Verification is PROXAC. LOL

Jeni said...

Where's that strawberry-rhubarb gonna be served anyway? Wish I could be there and have some of that! Here, I'm figuring pumpkin, yes, apple too, maybe even an apple/cranberry as well and who knows what else once the pie baking mode kicks in on me this week! No home made whipped cream though, just some cool whip for those who want that and probably some vanilla ice cream for those who like that. Gonna try a pumpkin cheesecake recipe too if I get really brave.
Happy Thanksgiving Paige -and to all your other internets as well.

Blue Bunny said...

my jannie lieks yoo a lot. and wil see yoo soon. she bizzie wit my kelly and my jim and kooking foods and choping down trees.


Dorraine said...

You weren't far from me if you were in Huntsville. We're about an hour south of there. My oldest daughter is finishing up her last year of college at Sam Houston State.

Do come see me sometime, Paige! At the very least, we could have lunch.

Okay, congrats on your nomination. You always make me laugh. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

sheila said...

How's that for a kick in the a$$....oh my God, you slay me! ha ha ha!

Susan's Snippets said...

My Dear was so good to read that you are alive and kickin after "the" operation!

As far as pies go...I currently have the second cheesecake of the night in the oven - straight up plain with sour cream baked on top!!

my pants are gonna pop

ps - wishing you and yours a blessed thanksgiving day....a lot of things to count up i would say

Snaggle Tooth said...

It's an honor just to be nominated- good for you!

Thanks so much for another linky.
I can't believe you folks get to own such livestock in the city! Wonder if they ate the beef...

I'm having the no frills holiday. (inlaw year)
I have no oven (broken), but will try cook myself mini-rectangular pumpkin in a toaster oven...

Jannie Funster said...

Is that she same Hunstville with the prison?

We have a 12 rooster minimum in our neighborhood.


We had pecan AND pumpkin.

I am still so full (of it.)

We ate at Trixie's house.

And totally squirted our whipped cream from a can.


And thanks for that nomination, that was extra cool for you to think of me. I would rather have been in the bra flingers category but one can't have everything.

Blue Bunny said...

see, i jist nude my jannie wood get here to kommint.