February 18, 2008

Presidential Serendipity!

We were headed to Houston to see the Museum of Natural Science and to check out both the Lucy and CSI Exhibits when on the side of 610 what did I spot? Well let me tell you…
it was 4 dead presidents all bunched together. The humongous busts were sitting on these big concrete blocks the size of a 2-story house. The presidents’ heads were as tall as houses too. OMG it was very unexpected, but my beloved had seen something about this in a magazine recently. Well you know how I am--I must have a photograph! I mean “I neeeeed one”, I said with a smile and glance of fluttering eyes. Ok he says after.

The museum was a nice outing and everyone in the city or anywhere near the city decided that it was a good day to visit there too. And yes in case you were wondering I “solved” the crime for the exhibit we choose (#2) but I won’t tell you who did it. It was a fun display. Truthfully I thought it would be about forensics and how far it has come since that first guy figured out that it even existed, way back when.

Lucy was very small, about the size of an average 6 year old. Of course they are guess-tea-mating most of her as there are very few bone fragments to go on. If you are into archeology and Lucy comes to your town drop by and have a look see.

But the point of this post is the dead presidents. We made it over and around to the side of the freeway but could not locate the right street. ~~ caution you must use caution when traveling some of the back roads near the BIG city ~~ So we tried one more time, my beloved insisted—really! Ok, we found our way over to them and there just happened to be a couple exiting their truck for a closer look as well. I was snapping away as beloved and the kids talked to the ladies. They told of the sculptor David Adickes and his nearby studio and if we wanted they would lead us over there, because there were many, many more dead presidents at the studio.
Of course we had to go. Who in their right mind would pass up a chance like that? Not us that’s for sure. We followed the couple and sure enough within a few minutes we arrived. Lo and behold they were correct, there were lots of dead guys there and some live ones too. This artist David had also made the Beatles, in bigger than life size as well.
Up in South Dakota there is a Presidents Park that has all the busts on display; a subdivision in Pearland is planning on lining their entrance with some. Come to find out this is the guy that did the giant statue of Sam Houston in Huntsville.
And that’s my story of Presidential Serendipity. We happened to find the right road at the right time, and happened across the right ladies who just happened to know where the studio was. It was a good weekend y’all.
How about you, have you experienced serendipty before?


Jean-Luc Picard said...

IO've never heard of that Presidents Park before.

Patty said...

I have never heard of them either. Next time we are in that neck of the woods we will have to check them out

karen said...


MargaretR said...

Very interesting Paige. I don't suppose I will ever see them, but it's good to know there is such a place. I learn a lot from your wise words!
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