June 21, 2009

What a Surprise!

Dear internets I have a confession; Sometimes I am not the swiftest of people, no really it’s true. Y’all remember when I won that super cool CD from the Funster, earlier this month. I was so excited when I picked up the mail that I just sort of tore into the envelope and pulled out the CD case and stuck it in my player and giggled out. I keept it in my truck all this time, envelope and all, well I was finally ready to download it on my IPod so I put the CD case back in the envelope and took it in the house. I pulled the case out and low and behold another letter sized envelope fell out. I telling ya t just fell out in my lap. Yeah, was my first thought she sent me money! Like it was my birthday or something but it was better then money.

It contained a sweet personal letter from Jannie to Me! Handwritten on pretty paper inside an envelope with a pretty inside. Sooo Cool. Now Jannie Funster must think I’m a real a$$ for not mentioning this before and I admit I’m a goober for overlooking it.

So I want to send out another thank you to Miss Kelly for picking my comment number during the ‘I Want A Man CD’ give away and a thank you to Ms Funster for the great songs and music and the pretty note that I just found. See it was a good surprise, what next Jannie a song written just for moi?

(Sspt, do y’all think she got the hint?)


J. M. Strother said...

It may have been overlooked, but then it was like getting something special twice. Makes it twice as nice.

... Paige said...

Yes Jon the envelope that keep giving :-)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Wow, you are sp special! First you win the free CD, then get a surprize! Don't you love surprizes that aren't bills?

Susan's Snippets said...

Paige -

You found it as you needed too!!

good for you

i think she got more than a clue

tootle loo


Jannie Funster said...

I included a letter? Musta been a heavy tequila nite, that nite. I remembers not.


Happy happy! Nice post, thanks.

Liara Covert said...

The most precious surpises enrich our lives as we do not consciously expect them. As you engage your telepathy and ESP on new levels, you will detect such a thing more readily.

Tammy said...

This blog made me laugh because here you are being so repentant and Jannie forgot that she sent the letter.