June 18, 2009

Innie or Outtie

No this has nothing to do with belly buttons or navel oranges. G~O~S~H!

I came across a link a while back at a writers forum I visit (Editor Unleashed) and it lead me to an interesting blog called Not from around here are you?. I know you my dear internets are not accustomed to feeling like an outsider so some of the stories there may not appeal to you but trust me, and I know you do, when I say you will like and enjoy what you read. There are many to choose from so just pick a title and read and empathize with these poor outsiders. And when you pop over there to see you may find a familiar name (MINE) or two of my writing buds from around the www. And who knows you may be inspired to tell your story of being an outtie.

Now a disclaimer: Michael had asked some of his own peps only to write a piece but he, fortunately for me, left his information lying out and I borrowed it. I mean what are neighbors for anyway if not gleaning information, gossip or a cup of sugar from. No this does not require a real answer and I'm fresh outta sugar.

Oh and please be sure to just overlook a typo or two as you normally would for me

AND how do you like my new little quick response check boxes-Snnnazzy huh?


Ciera said...

Hi there. I was going through some old posts of mine, labeling and cataloging poems and found a comment you left I followed the link and rediscovered you! :)

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

"I know you my dear internets are not accustomed to feeling like an outsider so ..."

Show me someone. who has never felt like an outsider!!!!!! -hahhhh-

OK, so maybe such lucky people do exist. But not many, I betcha'. And if they do exist, how can they have empathy for the rest of us, hu?

'Aunt Amelia' has spoken!!!!!!!!


'Aunt Amelia'

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

A little thank you, for leading me back to an "old" blog-read. I noticed a name in your Blog Roll... Thought it looked familiar... Clicked on it and yes, she is familiar, from 'long ago.'

But mellowed a bit, perhaps. ,-)

Such a priss am I, hu? To judge someone else, to have mellowed or not! Me, who's middle name(s) is/are "Needing Mellowing." -grin-

Anyway, thank you.

Aunt Amelia

... Paige said...

Ciera, it’s good to see you again and good to be rediscovered

Aunt Amelia, I’m hoping there is someone out there that doesn’t know how it feels to be an outtie, of course they are most likely a narcissus and don’t really understand they are an outtie. So who is this mysterious dear internet of mine that dragged you away from ME?

sheila said...

Well, that site was interesting. It's like one of those old poetic clubs from the 70's where people wear those beanie hats and dress in all black and snap their fingers. Kinda cool!

Do you know if that pic with the pagodas on the edge of the cliff is real? Dang!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Oh, the person I re-found on your Blog roll didn't drag me away from you. ,-) In fact, I haven't even 'surfaced' in her blog comments. I'll just drop in there, now and then... To sip whatever nectar appeals to me. :-) "Le Secret" hu?

Wow, how is that for an arsty line hu? That "sip nectar" line! Wow! -grin-

June 20th...

Happy Midsummer's Eve, to all!

Aunt Amelia

Jannie Funster said...

I went over to that post about Different choking and such!

Paige, where have you been all my life. Goad I found you!

Jannie Funster said...

"Glad," that should read.

Greta said...

Aw, I don't mind feeling like an outsider sometimes. Gives me something to write about. Plus, it's a good, objective place to observe and write from.

... Paige said...

Aunt Amelia, it must be one of those frenchie type blogs, or a fruity one. You little secret keeper you :-}

Jannie, that is one to keep on your list, goading me and all.

Greta, glad to see ya, most of us feel like we are looking in even when we are in.

Jannie Funster said...

Can you be goaded into anything?

:) winky-wink. ;)

... Paige said...

Almost Jannie, almost