June 4, 2009

Exciting News

First, because it happened first…

I win, I win, Yes I’m a winner

Little Kelly, a darling of a child has made me one of two winners. My dear little green internets, y’all just have to pop on over to the Funster’s and see this video.

Oh, ya wanta know what I won. Of course you do. I have won, did it mention I was a winner, a CD. Kelly’s sidekick Jannie has this new CD out, ‘I Need a Man’; original music performed by Jannie Funster herself. And if you are as jealous as you normally are when I win something, I dare you…no double dog dare you to get your own.

~~~~Update 6-6; The CD has arrived and it is kick ass I love I need a man, Beloved loves Wedgie Wedding and we both love The littlest songwriter. Actually they are all very cool. Good work Jannie!

Second, because it happened next…

Brian of The New Author and Bernard Rossi of Bernard’s Blog have collaborated to put on a poetry workshop. They have posted a photograph, courtesy of Bernard, for folks to write a poem about. Now from my side of the screen I can see many different ways to write about a photograph (also see this post) and y’all know how I feel about photos.

Remember the “speaker” of a poem is not necessary the poet. In this case it is definitely NOT ME. Let me give this poem a PG rating cause it contains brief nudity. If you are interested please follow along or even participate in this workshop, it is FREE yes you read that right. Let me type it again F-R-E-E. Below is the actual raw long hand piece I wrote after looking and thinking about this photo for a very short time maybe 30 minutes.

I know it’s a little hard to follow and the spelling is atrocious and…well let me say my mind goes faster than my carpel tunnel hand can, but this is what it looks like when I work in ink and real paper instead of this virtual e-version.

And below is what it became when I typed it up on the computer, the way it was sent in to Bernie and Brian. I look forward to seeing how this workshop progresses it is my first.

Look Back

Standing naked behind sheer hotel curtains
Billowing, blowing on gusts of sea wind
Flickering, gliding on my breast, my thighs

Raising tiny goose bumps chilling my soul
As natural as breathing, I hold myself, alone
Close my eyes and inhale

Salty air reminiscent of that last walk along
The golden sands of forever
Like the plane, your plane now flies to

And you, you sit among strangers
Clothed in yourself, breathing their air
Smelling their unknown scents

While I pray that you are missing me
Or at least that you glance out the window
And look for me, please look back

Come play along join in I showed you mine now let me see yours


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

You are a poet. I am not. I'm not even going to try to show you, a sample of my non-existent poetry.

Those who can, do.

That's my motto, in matters like this.

Those who can write poetry, write it.
Those who can craft, do crafting.
Those who can sew, do lovely sewing.
Those who can write stories/novels, write them.
Those who can decorate beautifully, do so.
Those who can write amazingly wonderful blog entries, write them.
Etc., etc., etc.

Me, I don't do any of those things, and I don't even try. I just do "my stuff," and that's OK. At 72, I'm fine with that.

I don't envy others, or have to try to do what they do, or even want to. Just covering all those bases! -grin- So I don't come off sounding pissy, that others do these lovely things. Nope, not pissy. Just trying to keep getting more and more comfortable in my own skin.

I say 'trying,' because honestly, I'm not there yet. But it doesn't have to do with my not doing such things, as other bloggers can do! Not! My not-yet-comfort-zones like elsewhere, and aren't for blogging about, in "Pretty Bloglandia." :-)

Aunt Amelia
P.S. Wow, sorry for hi-jacking your comments here, with this long comment. Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

Jeni said...

Although I very much enjoy reading poetry, writing it is definitely not my "thing." But it is one of the things that drew me to your blog a long time ago and I do love to read your pieces. This one was very pretty -and as I almost always do, I very much enjoyed it.

... Paige said...

Thank you ladies.

Ya know it is hard to become comfortable within our own skin as, I blieve, we are spiritual beings not meant to be in skin to any way.
and without doubt not all poems are liked by everyone that is why there are so many different poets and ways of writing it not to mention the abolute countless ways of saying it. Even some of mine I don't care much for and wonder where they came from.

Yea America Yea freedom of speach yea the differences in people for that is what makes each of us special.

Oh one more extra YEA cause it is Friday!

sheila said...

Well, I was gonna comment on your post, but instead I'll comment on your comment (above)

Yea for being you! LOVE IT!

And I liked the poem in the post too btw.

J. M. Strother said...

That is a lovely poem, Paige. I read it aloud, as is usual for me, and it flowed so naturally off the tongue. Great interpretation on the photo.

Jannie Funster said...

OMG, your poem is absolutely beautiful, Paige! Sometimes naked is the ecact way to go. Naked in body, thought, heart & soul. We love reading what is real, and that one blew me away.

And thanks for the nice shout-out. I'm glad you are getting some enjoyment out of the CD!

Btw, as to your Gravatar not working yet - maybe double-check that you logged in to my blog with exactly the same e-mail address as you signed up with on Just this morning that happened to Carla when she left her first comment on my site. If it's just a character off, it does not work. At all.


now, where's the ice cream? After all it's after noon now.

Bernard J Rossi said...

Good morning Paige, and first let me say thank you for joining our workshop and congratulations on a very good poem.

Well done on being a winner too.

I agree there are many ways to write about a photograph, perhaps as many ways as there are to interpret what we see in a photograph.