June 9, 2009

Cold Stone Showoffs

So I had this hankerin for some Cold Stone Ice-cream (yummy tummy) and after about 2 weeks I had to have it. The closest place to us is a little inconvenient but when baby girl had a friend spend the night I thought ‘hey lets show off and go over there for some icey creamy goodness.’ It was gonna be a two fer special kind of day for lets call her Scooter-not her real name.

I get the ice-cream and Scooter’s gets an afternoon of firsts. Her first time over to that little townette and to have that excellent ice-cream. Ok so maybe it was a 3-fer or even a 4-fer, heck maybe a 5-fer kind of day. You know how they can just jump up and surprise you. We sat on a park bend to watch some little kiddies play in a fountain and to eat our treat. Beloved had a small mint chocolate shake, I had a small chocolate waffle cone, baby girl had a medium berry bowl (hang on I’m getting there) and Scooter had a large strawberry cheesecake in a chocolate dipped with sprinkles waffle bowl- topped with marshmallow ice cream. And yes she ate the whole thing

. This is my hand & my empty waffle cone holder

Scooter wanted to ride the trolley, so we climbed aboard, she just keep saying cool, awesome and wow. We got off the free ride near another fountain and the “water wall”. That’s what the locals call it – let me explain, it is an average height wall of cascading water that can be controlled by a computer. They can make it ripple down, pour down ir any combination thereof. In that area there is also a fountain, only this one is what I call a spitting fountain – again let me explain…they program the water so it shoots outta one hole in the ground and glides or spits over to another hole in the ground. This was very entertaining as the little kids playing there were never quite sure where the water was going to pop up from. So our two young ladies thought they would show them how. Ah that’s too bad…yeah it didn’t go as they had planned. But to make ‘em feel better or at least to forget about their mishap I had them pose for pictures- cause I just never take enough and girls just like to pose.

Before long they did indeed forget, distractions and short term memory works. We went up a flight of stairs back to street level and I had them sit on the edge of a big “pool”. I am happily snapping away then screams and laughter erupted as did the water in the “pool” it shot up at least one and a half stories high and scared our poor little girls. But we had to get going if we were to catch the movie they wanted to see—Drag me to Hell. I’m not one for gratuitous gore so I was not looking forward to it.

Now the real part of this post is about our expensive bottle of water…It was hot and sunny and hot. We had been walking a while and Beloved has a bad knee and the other issue that he doesn’t want to be an issue. So when Beloved gets to feeling unwell and needs water it is an immediate gotta have it now! So we go into this restaurant for some water. Cue the eerie stupid music and wavy lines—double doors open revealing a huge beautiful wood and glass fancy assed bar. Four down trodden people trudge in, sweat dripping from their brows, beat red faces. Better than anybody waiter in a black apron, black pants and shiny shoes with crisp white shirt and blah tie
“Table for four?” says he.
Beloved said “No. I just need some water, please.”
Dumfounded waiter wrings his hands and looks over at the waiter standing beside him, he shrugs? “What?”
Beloved, “Water”
Waiter more confused by such a simple request “Huh?”
Beloved turns around and begins to walk away. I said in my loud crude way of protecting those I dearly love… “Water! Get him some water…” neither one moved “now!”
Dumbass waiter, “Water?
I nodded and said “Yes, don’t y’all have a faucet that brings water into the building?” – ok so maybe I didn’t say that exactly but it was close. I made Beloved sit down and the waiter looks at me. So I raise my eyebrows and said “Water!”
Stupider than a rock waiter, “Oh… ah … ah. Do you want bottled?”
Now I’m glaring at him and wonder what kind of nightmare did his mother have raising such an idiot kid? And I said, “Ah yeah.”
So he pops up behind the bar with two bottles of water, a small and a large (wine sized bottle), we took the smaller glass bottle. At least the waiter had a bottle opener. I suppose if you all you can do is hand out bottles to people that is the only real talent you need. We laid a five dollar bill on the bar and received no change. Beloved drank half the bottle and we left, expensive bottle in hand, finished it on the way to the book store. He read on the bottle that it was Nestle water, you know the one you can buy at Sams Club for about 75 cents each.

Then after a bit of relaxing rest in a comfy chair in the sweet air conditioned book store, we mossied back to our truck and away to the movies we went. The girls thought the movie was good, I thought it was icky gross and made me jump too many times and squint my eyes closed too much, Beloved thought it (the movie not me) was funny and laughed at many scenes. It is rated PG and that’s all I have to say about that.


Jeni said...

Holy Rip! Five bucks for a bottle of water! And that the looney waiter couldn't even figure out how to get a simple glass of water from the tap!
I sure wouldn't be venturing into that place any time in the future and I'm betting you won't either, huh?

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I bet the water comes from tyhe tap!

sheila said...

What a dumb waiter. Moron. And $5? RU kidding me? Good Lord. Hope it was lip smackin good, lol.

Wish you snapped a pic of the ice cream BEFORE you ate it all! lol

... Paige said...

Jeni, that’s right we will not be going to that restaurant, they already took enough money.

Jean-Luc I’m sure it was on accounta to any water into a bottle it has to come from a tap.

Sheila, it was wet and didn’t taste like rust. I couldn’t take a picture before I ate it cause I was eating it. And it was very good.

J. M. Strother said...

You managed to hold out for two weeks! My hat's off to you. I give into my hankerings much more quickly than that.

Go get that water bottle bronzed.

Jannie Funster said...

And now to the "real part" of this post. You are so funny. Have you always been this way? Wait, I'm guessing yes, you just popped out that way.

How old is Scooter?

And Geez, when I get an ice cream yen I doubt I could last 2 minutes, let alone two weeks, even if I had to drive an hour for it.

And hey, gives a whole new meaning to dumbwaiter, eh!

... Paige said...

I confess it was very hard to not run out and just get it, but I was able to wait because we were so busy in the yard, new shed and hard working crap like that, that by the time I had time to go I was too worn out.
And Scooter is fine as far as I know, most likely still on that sugar high, her poor mother must hate us and that makes her part of the “in crowd”

Popped out like this, heck no I was born breach (a$$ first) and it has taken many years for that to wear off and even more years of hell to become this cynical, yeah I meant funny.

Funny---Who knew?

80s Queen said...

Forget the waiter and the water - I want to hear more about that ice cream!!

... Paige said...

Queen, it's always about the ice cream with you isn't it? I bet ya scream for ice cream and do that disco move thang like John useta do...haha

Picture it, admit it, go on---funny right?

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

And this is why I never leave home, without my trusty drinking water bottle. Not plastic. 'Cause when I need my water, I NEED my water. ,-)

Aunt Amelia

Jannie Funster said...

I was born without an ass. Grew mine later.

Dapoppins said...

Hello! Yes I am still alive. Sorta.

1. could you email me your addy again, please, please, please?

2. That description of the waiter made me laugh my head off.

3. It sounds like a beautiful day other than the snootie waiter.