June 3, 2009

About Beloved's Birthday

Before his birthday I took him out to his favorite restaurant Red Lobster, that boy sure does love the tail. And then on his actual day I took him over to The Road House for Texas food. We had free entertainment from a lady that sat behind us. She was not pleased with the service that she had gotten and was not afraid to say so very loudly but then you have to be loud at that place as the ambiance is already on the loud side. Blah blah blah-30 minutes to get salad and then it wasn’t right blah dee blah- no refills on the drinks blah dee boo who blah…Of course Beloved and I thought it would be really funny if we had gotten our food before she did. I know that may be a little mean cause I so understand where she was coming from as I certainly have gotten bad service plenty of times. But I wait to complain till after I get my food cause I don’t want it to fall on the floor or get over peppered or whatever, ya know. Beloved and I were getting great service and at first I thought it was because we were just such a loverly couple with our bright smiles and cute little smooching in the booth. Well it could have been.

They, the staff announced a birthday person and I felt my beloved stiffen up a bit, haha but I didn’t tell. It was this old man and I feel good about saying “OLD”. In fact it was an age Beloved had told our youngest daughter that “it would be neat to be that old.” The man had just turned 100, now y’all gotta admit that is neat and he was doing well enough that he went out to eat. Hell he probably drove himself and the others there. Well maybe not but it made us smile.

Back to our service… we did not get our food before the lady behind us but it wasn’t too long after that and our waiter came by often to refill our water and check on us. Good service huh? I couldn’t help but notice that every time staff members mossied by they would see us and get weird looks on their faces. Then I clicked as to why some of them had a guilty look and some were nervous and why we received good service. Not only was that night Beloved’s birthday but we had a citizen’s meeting. We are a part of the Sheriff’s Alumni. That means we took a 14 week course offered by our county’s Sherriff and passed. I think I told ya about that before. Check with your county Sherriff’s office and maybe you too can be an active citizen of your community and get a really cool shirt that has a neato “official” looking Sheriff’s type logo on it. Yelp I bet that was why our service was good or maybe it really was the cute cuddly couple thang.


Jeni said...

That lady who was doing all the complaining sounds like a lot of customers I've waited on in years past -a royal pain in the dupa and one who, if it were possible, the waitress would love to just dump the food in that person's lap -or something else evil! Some people just love to complain too.
I'm betting the help was just admiring that you and your beloved were such a sweet, loving couple and very nice to the staff too, no doubt.

J. M. Strother said...

What goes around comes around. The staff already knew what kind of tip they were going to get from that lady - nadda. So why knock themselves out? You two, on the other hand, were nice and got nice in return. Funny how that works. ;)

Happy Birthday - give your hubby my best.

judypatooote said...

Yikes, their everywhere....complaining people... we have a group that gets together once a month...widows, one of which I am, but I am the one that makes the resv. etc. and it seems that no matter where we go to supper, someone is not happy...(there is 12 to 15 of us that go).now I have had some waitresses screw up, bad food, slow service, but hey we're all human....we went last month to The Texas Roadhouse, and yes it was loud, which was a complaint, and one complained about the food... and that just makes me go into the fun mood....and over act about how good the food is, or the service...LOL....these are Not ladies in their 80's....there much younger like me in my 60's....and I do think you got better service for smooching and looking cute... and the little 100 year old man, I'll bet he wasn't complaining... well getting to the birthday point HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your beloved....
P..S. There are some people who are old and act young, and there are some people that are young that act old....I guess thats life.

Linda said...

Happy Birthday Paige's Beloved!

It never fails to amaze me how so few people in restaurants say 'thank you' to the wait staff. I've been on the 'what may I get you side' and believe me, pleasant customers are rare.

It's just good karma - which you have in spades! Peace, Linda

... Paige said...

Yes without a doubt it helps if you are good customer

I have not been a waitress in public and am so thankful for that, I don't see how they manage to do it.
Yeah for wait staff!

Jannie Funster said...

Ooo, Sheriff's Alumni! Paige, your layers of greatness just keep unfolding and unfolding before my astounded eyes.

I LOVES me some Red Lobster too!!!