May 10, 2009

Drum Roll...

Jeni, a really awesome lady who blogs over here recently gave an award to me. “What Friends Are For”. She says that I am a valued friend and have shown her some kind of friendship. Weird I know but still this is nice of Jeni to say…I of course do not see me as being a friend at all and darn sure not a good one and here’s why

Friends take work—you know you have to coddle them when they are needy, hold their hair when they puke, baby sit their kids. Friends take time—you have to make time for them even when you need or want time for yourself or your own family. Friends take emotions—you have to give them your strongest of emotions to carry them through their crisis or you have to keep on smiling when you want to cry or scream because they are happy. Friends take your clothes—they think they look better in them then you do and what’s up with that?

I don’t have friends in RL I’m one of those people that for the most part can do without other folks around me and most often I prefer it that way. I am not bothered by this trait in me, it is how I have been since I was young. How young you may ask, who knows. I had friends in elementary school and would sleep over their house and go to slumber parties and such but I did not have them over to mine very often some of this was because my dad worked at night and we had to be quiet during the day when he was sleeping and then as I got older and he drank more and more and more…he would sit around in his underwear (we had no A/C no one did back then) drunk in the living room or passed out in his car in the drive way. But besides that stuff I was not a girly girl, ya know. I just didn’t care for all that. I had what I called best friends in junior high (middle school for you young’ens) but they moved on and new friends did not take their places. That sounds sad but don’t be sad—I am not.

Now you my dear internets are not work. No work at all, in fact I find you very fun to be around and you don’t take my clothes or puke in front of me and I don't baby sit your kidos-yea! That said you all realize that you are here at my convenience and I at yours. I go see my virtual friends, that’s you dear internets, on my time schedule whether it is in the middle of my night or yours. And for me this is a good thing. I get the support from you that I occasionally need and I try to give y’all the support I think you need and yes sometimes that may be a kick in the ass or a kiss on the check (not ass cheek though, not gonna do that)

As y’all may know I’m supposed to give this award to eight of my dear internets that “deserve” it and from my side of this screen you all do. You all have been my friends in one way or another, being there when I needed you and therefore in my authority as Queen of this here Paradise Valley, do hereby bestow upon you all this award because y’all are what friends are for.


sheila said...

OMG we are SOOOO much alike! I have a handful of friends that I'm content seeing once or twice a year. In fact, one mom from school a couple years ago was 'set on befriending' me. Ughhhh. I told my husband...she's a pain...and I have enough friends right now. lol.

I could care less about going out, I love being a home body and limited contact with friends. I always thought that might be strange, but now I see I'm not so alone! Yea!

J. M. Storther said...

I think someone once said, it is a lucky man indeed who has two true friends. Don't ask me who, 'cause I can't find it. The Internet certainly does bring a whole lot of people together who otherwise would never have met and interacted. That's neat.

Jeni said...

See! From your post, I can tell I was right in my selections cause that's pretty much how I operate -visit at all hours of the day or night and you're still there, giving me some words of wisdom from time to time, encouraging, holding my hand in a virtual way. Allowing as much privacy or as little of it, as I feel I want or need too. That's what friends are for, isn't it? And yep, the internet does give us all that equal opportunity.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

We all need friends, and get many on our blogs.

Jannie Funster said...

Queen Of The Valley -- you were ON in this post!!!

Loved it.

Oh, and I was very much in the junior high, as opposed to Middle School terminology generation.

Cecilia said...

this post demonstrates the reason why I enjoy reading your blog!