May 6, 2009


I read for entertainment (romance/mystery/intrigue) occasionally, but mostly I read books that offer some type of information leaning towards education for whatever I’m currently interested in. Or stuff that just seems interesting and maybe funny in quirky way. And right now it’s ways to say things in writing, you know for self-expression.

So I can…well express myself but not expose myself, cause I’m not too much into that, {not that there’s anything wrong with that, if you are into that sort of thing; I just may close my eyes}

So let me tell you about this book I have been reading, Storycatcher by Christina Baldwin. This book helps to lead you on the path of writing a memoir, personal journal, or what have you. I’m sure it could be helpful in other writing / story telling avenues as well you know like blog post writing.

Ms. Baldwin tells us that personal story can be a way towards self-discovery and a way to work out hurt feelings and pain within self and or family. A sort of Rehab for lack of a better explanation on my part. She leads us in samples and suggestions on how to get started with writing exercises that will help you to explore self and surroundings. Ms. Baldwin also introduces us to other people and their journeys as storycatchers.

Some of my favorite things about this book are her insightful comments on humans and our ability to live life from one generation to the next in spite of our own actions and reactions. Here is the one thing I don’t like, some of the headings are in a fancy script that personally are just plain hard to read and more than once I couldn’t figure out what they said, so hopefully those were not too important.

If you are thinking about jotting down family stories, keeping a dairy, journal or writing a full-fledged memoir you may want to consider this book. It is not technical as far as how to write sentences or punctuation poo, but it’s pretty good at helping you to figure out what it is you may want to say, and how to go about saying it.

FTC Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any form for any of my opinions in this post


Jeni said...

Uh, I just wanted to tell you I have something for you at my place. Stop by and pick it up. Okay?

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

I've never been brave enough to write down a personal journal. The "whole 9 yards" of stuff of life. That working out, has to go on in my head. Always fear hurting others, were they ever to find and read a personal journal.

Now I know, it's a wonderful thing that my attitude has not been shared by lots of great people. Else, we'd not have the chance to know them as intimately as we do... after their passing.

But I'm not gonna' be famous. Not gonna' have people clamoring to 'get inside my head/heart.' So, I guess I'll just keep going my own way. Not recording everything.

But it's great, for those who are willing to do so! Of course it is!

'Aunt Amelia'

Jannie Funster said...

I too am bothered by flowery fonts too hard to read. But it sounds like this book would be well worth wading through.

Does she mention "Object Writing?"

Zephra said...

I use my blog as a journal of sorts. It has helped me a great deal. Sometimes just getting my feelings out shows me the way I need to go.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

The last paragraph is a good tip.

Linda said...

I'll check it out. I journal now and then, but mostly my 'stuff' comes out in my fiction and poems. And my blog.

I think all writing is personal, in one way or another. peace, Linda

J. M. Storther said...

I've always heard it's a curse to be related to a writer - they tell all the family secrets. Probably more true of writers of memoirs than fiction, so I guess my folks can stop sweating bullets. ;)

Do you listen to Story Corp, on NPR. I catch it on Friday mornings just before I have to get out of the car and go into work. I've heard some amazing and moving memoirs on that. I recommend it.

... Paige said...

Aunt Amelia, sometimes writing is not to make one famous, but share our experience because of our own need to share it. Dang ol’ mothers that made us share when we were young, it’s all their fault. You know the mothers.

Jannie, I don’t recall reading anything about “object writing” but that sounds kinds interesting. You do that for you lyrics, right. Chainsaw Man and the Ukulele song-both are very clever and fun. And hey that is why you are the “Funster”

Zephra, blogs are good journals and don’t forget blogs can be private and we can delete them at will.

Jean-Luc, so good to hear from you, one of my favorite lurkers.

Linda, I agree writing is personal. Everything we write will contain some part of us whether it is true or a figment of our imagination.

Jon, I’m not familiar with Story Corp, but will check into it.

Now everyone get out there and phone your mothers, visit them and if they are not on Earth anymore-remember them with some sort of kindness – we would not be if not for the woman that gave birth to us or the woman that raised us.

sheila said...

Sounds like a great book! I put our family history into a book a few years ago. NOT an easy task! It's not published or anything like that, just copied it and put it in a binder for family.

judypatooote said...

I'm going to have to look that one know I love writing poems about my childhood, and I think it would be fun to write a memoir...