April 25, 2009

April PAD

And here we are April and National Poetry Month just about over for 2009. So here for your review and my recap some information about poetry and writing

Can we have a little Class

To write what? Huh?

Prose or is that poetry

Poetry is something but what

Who is the Poet

and more recently this year there was

How do you read

How--What do you write

How to build and end

New places or at least new to me places

How a Poem Happens

Poems Out LOUD

Thanks for being a part of my poetry world and for staying while I babbled on and on about it.


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Not writing poetry, or having read it much... {I know, terrible in your eyes. :-)} But anyway, being in that situation, I can't fully understand your drive. But to see anyone, be passionate about anything, is good for all of us.

It can remind us, that perhaps, we too could find something to feel passionately about. Something kind of nebulous, I mean. We all have personal passions, I hope. But we don't all have more nebulous ones.

{Nebulous, not a good word probably. But I don't have a better one, on the tip of my typing fingers, right now...}

Perhaps, since I was under the impression that April was 'Nat. Letter Writing Month' {I'm sure there are more than one 'name' for each month...} And since I'm trying to get back into old fashioned letter writing, I could say I'm passionate about that. :-) So, maybe I'm not hopeless, after all. -grin-

Carry on with your passion!!!

'Aunt Amelia'

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Paige...I have always enjoyed reading your poetry and I have been trying to write some myself but it's no match to your's.

... Paige said...

Sandy, I am very flattered thank you. But don't worry about being "like" anyone else. Don't compare yourself to anyone else.
Each of us is unique and we will never measure up to anyone else (in our own eyes, you know that whole the grass is always greener thing).
It is ourselves we need to represent, our own voice that should sing out. It is ourselves we improve for, for our own betterment and this will inspire others to strive to be better within their self. It may sound selfish but I believe we all want to share our best with everyone else. (I hope this doesn’t sound preachy)

This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine… y’all know the tune

~~and world peace~~ don’t forget world peace~~

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Just stopped by to say Hi and to see what you're up to. Hope all is okay with you and your dear hubby.


Anonymous said...

poetry is taking the simplest of things and makeing it beautiful . comveying a thought or emotion in a wonderful or dramatic way . carry on the world needs more beauty.

Jannie Funster said...

I feel a bit guilty about not wirting poems lately. Although I think I got the start of one this morning. About squirrels!