May 8, 2008

CLASS can we have a little class

Here we go, y’all ready? Words are typically written with ink of one sort or another. Ink: from Latin=encaustum; Greek= enkauston “purple or red ink” originally an adjective form of enkaustos meaning “burned in” as a verb meaning “to mark or stain.” But I ain’t no scholar. I don’t know why sometimes words trigger a curiosity in me and they just make me look ‘em up.
Ink is a pigment of liquid or paste used for writing, printing, drawing, graffiti, vandalism or what have you. Way back when it was derived, made, from berries pressing and or pounding them into a liquid or minerals crushed and mixed with urine, water, blood or what have you. The scribes would dip instruments, quills if you will, into the substance and literally scratch it onto hide or a form of paper, rocks and even on bodies for decoration and adornment.
Black ink is usually made from nutgalls and salt of iron and consists of tannate or gallate of iron (what ever that is) sometimes indigo, that means blue, or other types of coloring are added.
Blue ink is usually a solution of Prussian blue
Red ink used to be made from carmine (cochineal), brazil wood, but now they use potassium eosin.
Indelible ink, permanent you know your permanent record, is normally a weak solution of silver nitrate.
Sympathetic ink, I'm sorry, can be made of milk; this kind is commonly known as Invisible ink, it is not visible-duh, until the action of a reagent is triggered. Google it folks.
And don’t forget about the ink sac found in Cephalopods, funny word huh?


A study of words.
Scrolled across a white page
Together and bound

Caressing of mind
Awakening sleeping seeds
Creating stories

This is a two stanza haiku, written in standard 5, 7, 5 syllable form, FYI the reference to “sleeping seeds” represents spring.

End of Class


Michael said...

That was pretty cool.

Take Care

Georganna Hancock M.S. said...

Interesting post. When I was a kid in the 50s, we made invisible ink by using lemon juice. It is activated by holding the paper over a GENTLE heat source. Candles don't work well. Trust me, I tried.

Nowadays we can just blog in a color to match the background. Invisible post. Activate by highlighting the area with a computer mouse.

Linda said...

Nice double haiku. And interesting post on ink. Peace, Linda

Lolly said...

I liked the Haiku!
I'll have to try two stanzas,
one of these old days.