December 31, 2008

My Last Post

for 2008 that is

Once again the time has rolled around to say goodbye to the year that pasts and hello to the new one starting. As you take a moment to reflect on all the years that passed into history I hope you celebrate and linger on the happy memories and quickly get through the sorrows. My prayer for you is for the new year to kind, to bring lots of smiles and cherished moments full of complete days and weeks and months. May the sting of death and sorrow pass by your hearts and if such a thing should darken your doorways may God hold you close as you remember the life and love you have given and and received and may that love be retained in your heart.

Oh and I’m fine all over my little bells palsy thang Stop worrying already

Happy New Year my dear Internet

Party On…


Linda said...

Happy New Year! Here's to 2009 - may you be blessed with peace, joy, health, and beautiful poetry. Peace, Linda

Zephra said...

I hope this year brings you nothing but joy and peace.

kimmyk said...

happy new year!!!

i'm glad to hear you're over "your little bells palsy thang". you crazy ass.

Jeni said...

Glad you are over that Bell's Palsy thing too. And I am indeed going to party on 'cept in my case, it's embroidering on. Already started on my first project of the New Year -another tabletopper.
Happy New Year and Peace!

80s Queen said...

Happy New Year. May this year bring us all good health, good wealth and great friends.