December 24, 2008

What Happened After the Show...

Well I was feeling kinda weird all day, you know I had a bad headache and a bad pain behind my right ear. We left the quilt show and at supper. I noticed that when I tried to drink out of my straw I would suck up some coke and a little coke would like bubble / squirt out from my lips, right side. Well being no true dummy it seemed like stroke symptoms to us. So in the van we go across the street to the emergency room at St. Lukes in The Woodlands. They took my name I told them what I thought and they said “have a seat.” 30 minutes later a triage nurse saw me. We told her what we thought and she said I would have to wait my turn. I said I guess I could go home and call an ambulance she said, “You would still have to wait your turn.”
We left and went to a different hospital. I walked in Conroe Regional handed them my ID & Insurance told them what I thought and they had me come around the corner. Within an hour’s time I was having a CT Scan. I was admitted and an MRI was done on Monday morning the morning we were scheduled to see my Beloved’s oncologist.

I know you are just dying to hear what I got. I do not have any blockages at this time, I have no tumors I do have Bells Palsy and as it turns out I have had a stroke sometime in the past. They can’t tell when, it could have been a couple of weeks old or even a few years. But I have had a stroke. I am fine and on the mend and expect a full recovery from the palsy.

I have been put on meds to help prevent further stokes. And the point of this is to profess and tell you that when adversity comes your way, especially after you laugh in the face of a demon they will do whatever they can to shake your faith. Be courageous, be brave, believe and trust your faith because they know that is the only thing that can defeat them.

All things shall be as they need to be and God will do what is best!
Love you all my bloggy buds. Merry Christmas


Zephra said...

My goodness. Good thing you went to another hospital. I am glad to hear you are on the mend though. Happy holidays.

kimmyk said...

I'm sorry to hear you suffered a stroke at some point. I'm glad you're okay and 'on the mend' as you say....

That first hospital totally sucks!

Merry Christmas Paige to you and your hubby!


Linda said...

Oh Paige... I am so glad you were tenacious and left that first hospital. And so sorry for the horror, especially of not knowing. Bell's palsy may rare it's head every now and then, so be prepared. Mostly it's a pain in the head. I hope you and hubs have a peaceful, joyous Christmas. Take care, and peace... Linda

Jeni said...

Whoa, Bessie! A stroke? Holy rip! Well, darned good thing you were in the know as to symptoms and left that first hospital in the dust too!
You're so right though about having faith, regardless of what fate brings your way, as it will truly carry you through.
Peace and blessings for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy (and Healthy) New Year!

80s Queen said...

Paige, so glad you went to another hospital. Glad to hear you are on the mend also. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

Cez said...

Oh my, Paige! Thank goodness you guys went to the second hospital! I'll include you and your hubby in my prayers. Happy holidays!

judypatooote said...

Holy Cow....that hospital should be reported. My goodness, that just pisses me off....sorry, for that word, but it does....I'm certainly glad that you had another hospital to go to....that's pretty scarey....Hope your feeling better now, and you have a Happy, Healthy New Years.... judy