January 2, 2009

Time I NEED more Time

I have set some personal goals for myself this year, well more of what I am calling self-challenges. I hope to write a poem a day everyday this year. I have made a “prompt jar” for the days when my muse sleeps in or decides to take a wild vacation. If you would like to add to my prompts, I need about 100 more, please leave your suggestions and ideas in the comments and I’ll be glad to add them. Single words, short phrases, they can be totally off the wall or normal every day things, such as…catsup on the floor…blue-green…sneeze. You get my drift?

I know this is a lot to ask of myself, but to push me even further Sara over here, mentioned this Project365 thing and I though hey that sounds like fun and besides I carry my camera with me all the time everywhere I go. So I’m gonna do it too, take a photo everyday and you will be able to find them over here at

365 Views By Me

Knowing my posting habits, right now I’ll just post a few to several at one time instead of the actual day I take the shot. Mind you they may or may not all be Totally Spectacular Photographs but they will be photos.


Jeni said...

Sounds like a good game plan to me. Will be looking forward to the poems and the photos too.

kimmyk said...

very cool!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

That's quite a challenge. Good luck.

Linda said...

Admirable goals. Especially the poem a day - wish I had it in me. I like the photo idea. I'll be revamping my own blog in the near future and will be adding my own photos as well (learning my hubbers' digital - my SLR and the computer don't mix so well). Here are a few prompts for your poetry jar, inspired by my commute to work:
--chicken bones
--work boot
--sparrow picking at trash
--a rush of air

Happy New Year! peace, Linda

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

That's quite a challenge writing a poem a day and taking a picture a day. Those are two pretty big challenges.

Now let me see what kind of words I can give you as prompts for your poetry writings:

--Red-green cat poop
--Redbird beware
--Pretty stormy clouds
--Let him go
--Purple Rain/Yellow Snow
--Your sweet scent
--Rosey Red Rash

J. M. Strother said...

Hi Paige. I'm sort of challenge motivated too. Always hard to pass up a writing challenge. Setting up a self challenge is a great idea.

Poetry can be inspired by so many things. I listened to the Poet Laureate (can't recall the name, not the current one) on NPR once and he just gazed at an object for a while, mulling it over. I think Wheelbarrow is one of his poems.

Here are a few ideas to mull over:
a funeral (also something he did)
creaking floor boards
a child's face
car alarms
any emotional event
those photos you take

Good luck on your poem a day.

Anonymous said...

hurdee gurdee
not my sandwick
whats a matta you

80s Queen said...

Hey Paige. I love this idea!

Here are my contributions:
I'm Board (yes I know I spelled it wrong)
There's a hole in my roof
I wanna be Captain Kirk
Look what the dog dragged in
A gargoyle is watching me
Right turn to a dead end
tire on the side of the road