October 3, 2008

Makes me go HUMMMMMM

I’ll keep it short as this may piss you off. You know the big Mortgage scandal that has been in the news. The one that has caused so many problems on Wall Street. The one that requires a “bail out” Wonder what may have lead to it. I know let’s go back a couple few years to, oh let’s say September 30 of 1999. Yes that’s it. What was it the New York Times had to say again…

Well, well now under what administration was that? I guess this makes a big Ass, oh sorry I mean donkey, out of some folks.

But then again maybe that isn’t what I meant, maybe I just mis-spoke?




Linda said...


Go back to another Demo's reign and see where this all began eons ago - our peanut farmer from Georgia.

You aren't mis-spoken - but the major media sure are.

There. Enough politics for... now. Peace, Linda

MargaretR said...

Hi Paige. Thanks for leaving comments on DG. I have just sent a poet to your website and now ia can't find your beautiful poetry. Don't you write poetry any more? i hope you do as I loved them. Mags