October 1, 2008

Falling into October

I will spare you all the usual Halloween calendar stuff to present to you the following ~~~drum roll please…

October it National Month for many things but I picked these for my own enlightenment and entertainment as well as yours:

Domestic Violence Awareness – I was victim long ago
Emotional Wellness – I’m not ill just a little un-well
Lupus Awareness – I lost a dear friend to this
Crime Prevention – Texans carry Cancelled Handguns-how’s that for prevention
Sarcastic Awareness - Not for just anybody
Spinach Lovers - you can grow your own

On to the week long Parties

Universal Children 1-7
Carry a Tune 5-11
Chestnuts 12-18
Character Counts 19-25
Magic 25-31

Pick a DAY any DAY and make it special for self, family or others or just use one of these:

World Farm Animals 2nd
Mad Hatter 6th
Top Spinning 8th
Universal Music
Kick Butt 13th
Grouch Day 15th
Mulligan Day 17th
Bandanna 24th
Books For Treats 31st

And there you have it my dear internet, you can celebrate month long actives, week long ones or a special day. Whatever you do be sure to stay safe and smile cause you never know when someone is watching you.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

It's a busy month!

Linda said...

I'm gonna go with kick butt day. I'm feeling like I wanna take something on with a vengeance, so that's what I'll "celebrate".

Though I do pause to consider that October is lupus month. My Nana essentially died from complications of that disease. She lived valiantly with it until she was 81, she was one of my heroes and we shared a psychic connection. Peace, Linda

kimmyk said...

don't forget breast cancer awareness month!