October 8, 2008

Corny Quilt

Here it is the finished quilt for my dad and a poem I wrote to go with it.


Tractors chugging and lugging
bobbing over hills that are rolling
Sculpting earth, dropping seed
Sprouts to soar high from the earth
high and lovely across the fields
Gracefully thriving full and lush
on this beautiful land of our birth

Stalks taller than little eyes can see
reaching up and out to glittering stars
Swaying and waving in the breeze

Silk drying under an August sun
Running skipping and flying
Through the rows, what fun

Festival rides lighting the night
Saltwater taffy pulled and folded
Pink cotton candy, a tongues delight
In this a familiar story is told
Of Cantrell’s corn and
It’s sweet gift of gold


Linda said...

Both are lovely. I'm sending this link to my mother, who quilts. Beautiful. What a super gift to give your father - both from the heart. Perfect. Peace, Linda

kimmyk said...

what a great gift.

beautiful quilt and lovely poem!

The Beauty Queen From Mars said...

Wandered over here from six sentences...What a corny quilt! lol. I like it. I'm attempting my first quilting project for a christmas gift this year...wish me luck!