September 27, 2008

Why is it some days...

I could swear someone has put a giant flashing sign on the top of my truck that reads
Today was such a day. I would no sooner get away from one such ding-a-ling then another would come over to see me. I don’t think there is a full moon, but maybe, I guess there could be.

Now that I have hopped up on this tailgate I’m gonna stay for a couple more minutes.

Just why is it we managed to drive and NOT talk on the PHONE for, well, every since there have been cars and phones, at least until some smarty pants said hey wouldn’t it soo cool if we could walk and talk or better yet drive and talk on the phone. Yea DUDe, that would be totally awesome. Then ZAP-ZOWIE they went and invented this stupid little thing that draws even more attention away from the idiots that almost always seem to be driving big deadly speeding tanks.

And now we have the ultimate in driving convenience where some cars have keyless entry and starting ability not to mention the ones you can start with the key “fob”{what stupid name!}when you are 15 feet away. And we must not leave out the cars that have Sync, way stupendous cool you can have your music on your ipod/mp3player or almost whatever and KA-POW-BOOM it will play over your car’s really way expensive stereo system. Just don’t ask it to play “Genre Folk”

Now will somebody PLEASE hurry up and invent the Self Driving Car that stays between the lines!

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