September 7, 2008


Debra over at As I See It Now said this thing in one of her post “moaners make me nuts. Especially when they are me.” Drop by there when you have a few free minutes and see if you can find where and why she said it.

Have you ever been to Yellowstone? I haven’t but I did have the pleasure of going on an e-trip with Lisa of Writing Through Rose Colored Glasses. Wait till you see what she said about the bears.

Recently when I was at the liquor store I seen something that made me think of Bee over at Bee Repartee. No it wasn’t all the wine and alcohol, it was the unusual items that she seems to run across for purchase at the places she shops. And because I had the luck of seeing such a thing for myself, but more on that another time.

Have I ever told you the story about my buddy Gummybutt? No well I’m not gonna tell you now either. But you can see some wonderful flowers, butterflies, man stuff and even some crazy lady with huge saddle bags over at Sandy’s place Abandoned in Pasadena if ya look.

Have you ever posted about your unusual places, friends or stuff you have just been lucky enough to come across?

Me, I carry a buckeye in my purse. Photo soon~~maybe

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