September 1, 2008

September Rules with back to School

September brings the hope of fall with its colorful array of changing leaves and cooler weather. And it also brings the following …

It is the month of Shameless Promotion and Subliminal Communications

This month we will spend the following weeks learning about or just becoming more aware of …

Childhood Injury Prevention 1-7
Invisible Chronic Illness 8-14
Substitute Teacher Appreciation 14-20
Build a Better Image 21-27 So how am I doing?
Banned Books-Celebration the Freedom to Read 27 – 10-4

We will celebrate the following days…

Labor Day 1
Wonderful Weirdoes 9
Remembrance Day 11
Trail of Tears Commemoration 16
Talk Like a Pirate 19
Elephant Appreciation 22
Love Note Day 26
VFW Day 29

Of course there were lots of other days but these were the ones that were drawn outta the hat. Feel free to celebrate and enjoy all the days that this month has to offer just for you. If you were too scared to click on this link you now have a second chance---Subliminal Communications and if you don’t like that one you can try this one. Go ahead whacha waintin fer?


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Paige...You're so funny and "NO" I wasn't scared to click on any of your links and "YES" I do love you.

You forgot two days of Special celebrations in September and one falls on Sept. 1st (My wedding anniversary), and the other day is on Sept 24th (my birthday). hehehe


Jean-Luc Picard said...

So much to do! I'll be brushing up on my pirate-speak.

Robin said...

Paige, I just wanted to thank you for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog. Your kindness is very much appreciated!

xxoo Robin.