September 11, 2008

Hunker Down - Ike is coming

It's been 25 years since our last "real" hurricane, that was Alisha. She was pretty bad. As I recall ~~wavy lines and memory music please~~

24 hours before she hit I was moving from one house to another. The second husband said "Get everything you can in the car and move it all today."
"Yes sir but I want to stay in this house because it is brick and sits on a foundation." said I
"Nope we're going to the other one."

So like a good little girl I packed up the car while he went to work and I moved everything except the washer, dryer, bed and bookcase. My excuse for not moving them was that they were a bit too heavy for me. Oh did I mention he made me leave the dog at the "old" house!
Hence one more reason he now has title of Ex-husband. Any who my daughter's first day of first grade was the next day. Schools were closed of course and we sat out the storm in the new place. Several trees fell about the yard rain and hail and tornadoes all over. No electric-duh. Well when the fun was over I hopped in the car to go get my dog. Got to the "old" house and couldn't see it as trees had fallen into it.
One fell to the east landing in the house and crashed all the way to the floor. One fell to the west and it too landed in the house and on top of the other one. They were both really really big oak trees. Two pine trees in the back yard fell to the south and grazed the back of the house. There were no trees in the front yard to fall. Dang ol' winds spinning which ever way they want. My poor old dogie's house was in between the two pine trees. But my dog was ok.
What a jerk that Ex was and is and forever will be. Even though he was right about moving and staying at the new place.

And this time, as we did for Rita we will hunker down at home. I hope the trees fall away from our home and and our neighbors homes. God sped to you all.

Hunker down: of Texas origin meaning to stay put, take cover and pray that you don't have to kiss your a$$ goodbye.


Cez said...

Oh my, do stay safe over there.

Linda said...

Hang in there, Paige! I remember going to Galveston shortly after Alisha, what a mess. My own hometown of Raleigh was destroyed a few years ago with Hugo, even though it's 140 miles inland. Stay safe, friend... Peace, Linda

Jeni said...

Hope you are able to stay clear of harm's way during this storm. I sure don't envy you folks in the southern states with these hurricanes, year after year! I think I will definitely stay put and ride out the occasional blizzards we get up here in Pennsylvania!

judypatooote said...

I hope your safe, I can't imagine going through that....but we do what we have to....your poor doggie, yep, that's why I never remarried.....I only have my dog to account to..... I hope your cotton plant survives, and you can take a picture of it....I would love to see it....well stay safe, judy

Tim Rice said...

Hope you are well! That Ike was huge.