August 28, 2008

More Vacation

More of our vacation... Hey at least you don’t have to look at slides, a few photos sure but no slides.
My Beloved loves history. Kitty Hawk was pretty good considering I don’t care much for flying. Nags Head beach was beautiful we watched the sunrise, ahh so special. Greensboro and the home of their first governor and a museum near it.
We drove up to Alexandria, Virginia and went to Mt. Vernon this is a must see for anyone near DC. We did the Jamestowne Settlement in Virginia- this was super cool too. Speaking of DC we enjoyed all the monuments even though my feet swelled, blending into my ankles that became as big as my calves. We got to tour the Capitol and almost got ran over by the big guy, I was not ready for that and missed the picture. And yes we had the sad pleasure of watching the changing of the guard at the Unknown Soldiers tomb, I cried-what a sap. Arlington was both beautiful and heartbreaking. We went to several of the Smithsonian’s and seen way more stuff then my mind can remember. Thank God for cameras and brochures.
We drove on Skyline Drive through most of the Shenandoah National Park, got to see a black bear run across the road in front of us. We don’t have bears in Texas anymore, well maybe down in Big Bend but not anywhere near us.


judypatooote said...

I enjoyed your pictures....I love Virginia....your picture of the sunset is gorgeous....I hope you have a happy week's almost here.... judy

Linda said...

Paige, thanks for the tour. Had I known you were in DC, I might've come and joined you (I live < 45 minutes away). We spent a long weekend in the Shenandoah mountains this summer and LOVED it.

Great pics, btw.

Back to reality? Peace, Linda

Jeni said...

Sounds and looks like a great vacation to me! Wish I'd known you were this close to PA -I might have been able to make an effort to get down to DC just in time to meet you!

kimmyk said...

very cool.
sorry to hear your feet swelled into your calves though. that sucks!!! i hate when my feet get all fat...i can't walk. its like walking on big fat balloons.

hate that feeling.

love the sunrise or is that a pic of the sunset? either way it's beautiful.

i've always wanted to go to arlington, but like you i'm a sap and i'd cry ...alot and i dont wanna do that. at least not right now.

glad you had a good time!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

That Shenandoah Skyline drive is so beautiful and I think we drove it by motorcycle two years ago. I loved touring Washington DC and the Smithsonian and I hope to go back with Jimmy. I stayed there for a week and still didn't have time to see everything...just all the highlights.

We stayed in the Outer Banks for a week too, and in Nags Head with all of our kids & grandkids. What a time!

Don't you just love vacations???
I've enjoyed seeing all of your pictures.