August 21, 2008

Ashville NC

I mentioned to y’all before that we took a vacation up to North Carolina and did the emerald mine thang, but I didn’t tell you about Ashville. First let me say how pleasant we found North Carolina to be. With awesome views and beautiful countryside from the outer banks at Nags Head and Kitty Hawk all the way over to Asheville and all points in between. I am still struck by the beauty and amount of various greens in that state. The cleanliness of all the areas we visited was very refreshing.
On to Asheville, the Inn on Biltmore Estate was our destination and it turned out to be very nice. Our room was lovely and very comfortable they came to turn down the bed and leave us chocolates and ice in the evening and left a newspaper on the door in the mornings. The staff was exceptional, called us by name, and we weren’t even wearing name tags.
When we asked for a sandwich not listed on the lobby bar menu they went out of their way and did it and charged us no more then they did for any other sandwich. All the food we ate during our stay on the estate was really very good.
The grounds were rolling green hills, with large forest, fields of corn and they have quite an impressive vineyard. I am not a wine drinker in fact I really don’t like it at all. But I did try what they gave us to taste on our tour of the winery. The winery used to be the dairy farm and it sustained the estate for a while during the depression. The family then sold it to Pet.
The gardens were delicious. Full of my favorite color, purple, which may have been Mrs. Vanderbilt’s as well from the way her bedroom looked at the Biltmore House. The house I cannot even imagine that I could give it justice in description other then to say at its time it was the most innovated it could have been. It had full bathrooms, underwater lights in the indoor pool, a built in rotisserie, built in refrigerators. And it was very well decorated and a bit opulent, still is. Of course no photos were allowed but you can see some of the interior on their website.
Yes everything there was on the higher then we are accustomed to side of the account book, but it was well worth it. When we start repeating the places we have vacationed at this will be on the list.
If you are near Ashville I recommend you plan on spending at least one full day touring the estate even if you aren’t able to stay at the Inn. There you can see the house, stables, gardens, winery and they have numerous tour packages land rover, canoeing, segway, bicycle walking, horseback, horse carriage and most likely others that I can’t think of. We had a great time, enjoyed ourselves and even rested.


Linda said...

Ah... North Carolina. Paige, it IS a beautiful state and I am so glad you've had a wonderful time exploring the place I spent much of my childhood and early adulthood (my family's still there).

Love the Biltmore. When my boyfriend at the time and I visited some years ago, we had a marvelous time. The day got better when that late afternoon, on top of nearby Mout Mitchell, the rascal asked me to marry him. And here we are! Peace, Linda

judypatooote said...

My daughter and I stayed at the Inn on Biltmore was a beautiful place to stay...I had my breakfast sent in and I ate it on the little patio right outside our room...and I had the most amazing appitizer of salmon there... you couldn't go into the restaurant in shorts or jeans... pretty fancy for me....but I loved it....and I also got a FREE pair of slippers with a big gold B on the top..... judy