August 14, 2008

Hiddenite NC

Guess who got to take a travelling vacation? You got it We Did. And we went mining. Mining for jewels. Our first time was on our honeymoon, we went to Murfreesboro Arkansas hunting diamonds, but alas we found none. This time however we were going for emeralds. Those can be found in North Carolina near a little caution light of a town named Hiddenite. What fun this was. Buckets of dirt are such fun for the inner child in me. We shoveled dirt and rocks into a screen and jiggled joggled the screen in the sluiceway at Emerald Hollow Mine. We found all kinds of rocks-pretty rocks, I mean gems. And yes I had great luck with finding emeralds, a whole hand full as a matter of fact. Maybe not cutting, polishing and setting type but by golly I found ‘em. My beloved found a hand full of garnets and some really large pieces of smokey quartz.
We found lots of different types of rocks and I can’t remember all them but here is a list of the ones I do remember

Emerald-one I left with the lapidary to cut
Sapphire-two I left with the lapidary to cut
Topaz-both silver and yellow
Quartz of many different colors
Tiger eye-one dime sized but a “nice specimen”

Amazing that in this one place they had such a diverse array of rocks. I tell y’all if you are any where near Asheville you need to head on over to the mine. If you don’t have the time to work your bucket there you can get it to go. Really. They will sell you a bag full of dirt and rocks heck you can even get it sent to ya. This is fun for kids too as we miners get dirty and our hands get stained from the red-orange dirt/clay and it looks as if you have been working in a Cheeto factory. I hear there is an opal mine in Oregon. hummm


Jeni said...

That does sound like something both interesting and a lot of fun too. Now, to figure out a way to take a trip of that length....Hmmm.

kimmyk said...

very pretty. i bet they'll polish up beautifully. and you're so creative you'll think of something very cool to do with them.

Debra said...

Hi Paige...Just wanted to thank you for your comments at my blog... they are greatly appreciated! Your mining trip sounds fun for the whole family...thanks for sharing... Blessings, Debra

karen said...

what fun!

Linda said...

Coolacious! And a definite thing for us to do in the future - we get down to NC quite frequently. I remember wading in the creek near my house in Raleigh and finding garnet and quartz crystals. Throw them in the tumbler, then take another pic. Peace, Linda

Tim Rice said...

Sounds like fun and something different to do. :)

MargaretR said...

I'm glad you had such a great vacation Paige. Wonderful collection of rocks!