August 7, 2008

Cabinets Y'all

Well it seems to have taken forever but the ceiling and walls are painted a regular white, as this is less likely to interfere with the “true” colors of fabric, paint etc. we have put up the base board everywhere except the bathroom and we still need to hang the door for it. The floors are done and finally we have a toilet and shower complete with hot water. The vanity top I did myself... doesn’t look too bad if I say so myself. Cabinets, cabinets, and more cabinets. We stained and sanded and polyurethaned till we were blue without fresh air. Ok so it wasn’t that bad. Once we put ‘em where I wanted and set the counter it came time for the kitchen sink. It is nice and big and deep. We also put together a roll around island that could be used as not only as a place to cut fabric but as a dinning table, bar or even a catch all. I plan on trying it on for size without any overhead cabinets to see how it works and if I decide I want them well then we will just add them. We passed our final inspection and now it is move in-able and I have started doing just that. Even though there are a few things we need to finish such as: window sills, door trim, that will need to be painted and some other mundane things. But before I can really do that I have got to get my dad’s birthday present finished. It’s a quilt in remembrance of the family farm in Indiana…It is all about the corn.


Jeni said...

I LOVE that vanity! Really sharp and the rest of the place looks like its coming together quite nicely too. You gonna show off the quilt now when it's completed?

Anonymous said...

quilts,made with love crafted by hand's what better way to express love

kimmyk said...

i love that sink and vanity!!!
can't wait to see more pics!

karen said...

awesome job!!