July 10, 2008

We's Got Walls

So last time I left off at having someone come in and put the sheetrock up along with tapping and floating the wall joints and a wee bit of texture. We had planned on staining the floor before they came but to our surprise they delivered a bunch of sheetrock and left it smack dab in the middle of the studio floor. Needless to say we could not stain said floor. But that would be ok cause surely they would be done in a week and then we would stain the concrete even though we would have to be extra careful not to mess up the walls.
Nope didn’t work that way, but I’m sure y’all knew that was coming. The rock sat on the floor for over a week before they came. Then they only worked two half days in the following week. Then they were able to get on the first coat of joint compound but it rained some and it didn’t dry very fast. After several more days they were able to put on the second coast and followed that with the texture on the very same day.
Wooo there fellas careful with the floor will ya. Nope! No can do ma’am!
They were supposed to clean up after themselves and haul off the trash and again it was Nope. Jiminy crickets didn’t ya read the paperwork we don’t clean up or haul off crap-ola lady. Please note the flood in the photo- it looked like that all over the room. Thank you for the “Read it ya Stupid” lesson guys. Raise your hand if you work for attorney’s in the real estate business {{{{yes that’s me}}}} and a big ol’ MY BAD-DUH!
So after a weekend of cleaning up the floor after the Oh-So-Helpful fellas, we were finally going to be ready to prep for and stain the floor the next weekend. Well sort of, first my beloved got sick followed shortly thereafter by me and then it rained some more.
Now remember the plumber and electrician are waiting to finish their stuff. And it would be better if we didn’t have to go to work everyday leaving just the restful weekends for our adventures in Bob the Builder World.
And next installment we shall discuss the wonders of How to Acid Stain Concrete. YeaHaw Y’all.


Jeni said...

Holy Rip! That is really a bummer when you contract work out and things get done in that manner. Doesn't say much for customer service, does it?

Jean-Luc Picard said...

That sounds tough, Paige.

Linda said...

But you have walls. And they look damn good.

Credit to you for doing this - I haven't the heart or the patience. Hang in there - almost done! Peace, Linda