July 14, 2008

Floor time!

On the last progress report we were ready to begin the Acid Stain prep work. Well we cleaned the concrete with plain water then spritzed on the pre stain chemical and scrubbed it with a stiff brush, then rinsed. It went pretty well. Because the floor had to be dry for the acid staining we went to the movies and did an outing with our Old Farts Sports Car Club. It was so nice having a weekend off without being sick.
Ok bright and early we were up. Pouring the two different stains, coffee and tan, in their garden sprayer bottles. Here we go with a squirt here and a squirt there, first with one color. We let it sit for a few of hours as we went out for breakfast and a little shopping.
Ok it’s looking well… it’s looking kinda weird. Beloved has this odd look on his face. It will be Okay I assured him. As it dried he decided it would be the perfect time to build a little deck. So now we have a deck and we planted some fruit trees behind the studio. That would be one apple, one nectarine, one pear and one lemon. They are self-pollinators so it should be fine especially since they had blooms on them.
Hey the floor is dry time to neutralize and rise it clean. YEAH.
Baking soda and water spraying it down, scrubbing with the stiff brush rinsing. The directions said to rise it again and maybe as many as three to four times until there is no residue left when you run you fingers across the “dry” floor. So to be safe we rinsed and scrubbed several times, at least five or six time, we patted ourselves on the back and went to bed.
Ta-dum first thing on Sunday morning on Sunday I jump up and headedd out to the studio, even before my coffee. It looked dull and sort of crappy, I bend over and swipe my fingers across the floor like the lady in the video. Only mine had orange stuff on them not like her clean fingertips. Well crap now we will have to rinse some more. And we did that pretty much all day. Finally the bathroom was coming up “residue” free then half the floor and we ran out of daylight. I cannot image the gallons upon gallons of water. Thank God for the shop vac.
Maybe, beloved said, we can get it rinsed during the afternoon if the sun is willing.
But it was not, so until next time half the studio floor has residue and half does not. Crap and double Crap!

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Linda said...

sigh... and if this happened to us, we'd have to forego the rinsing - we're on a low-yield well. There's always carpet tiles? Here, at least, is some cyber 'ritas to help the medicine go down... Peace, Linda